Friday, March 29, 2019

Bamboo Friday.

I'm so, so excited for warm weather and porch time.
I've posted a couple of shots of this mantle set up on my screened in porch 
on Intstagram recently and had a lot of interest about this bamboo mirror.

Y'all - it is plastic!!
And therefore perfect for outside use!!
Do not count plastic bamboo out!!

It's vintage - you can really tell it's age from the back
but it looks great , and surprisingly "real", not plastic, from the front.

I have found several plastic "bamboo" mirrors in the last couple of years. They can be spray painted if the color is a bit off. The one over the porch fireplace just needed dusting!  All of mine have been less than $10.00 at GW and thrift stores. I did a little research and there are several on Etsy and ebay right now. 
They were used in bathrooms in the 60's and 70's 
and there are a lot of different shapes and sizes out there. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Bamboo Friday. And More!

I posted this photo in my Instagram stories this week 
to promote our new hashtag #thriftwithus
but I though it deserved a little more attention. 

 So. Much. Good Stuff.

I found a set of these great ship soup bowls out thrifting this week.
We love the coastal/nautical vibe so I thought these would be fun to use.
My husband loves them.

I can picture them filled with delicious shrimp salad 
and dining on the porch on a warm Summer evening!

The bamboo planters, brass sailboat, woven chargers, and tortoiseshell glasses 
were all found at thrift stores!!

Keep your eyes open - you never know what you are going to find!
If you don't eventually stumble across everything while out thrifting 
then here are some possibilities.
(nothing wrong with instant gratification!!)

Get the Look:

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Pretty exciting stuff happening over on Instagram!
My friend @ashlyngoldberg and I are starting a new hashtag and we hope you will join/follow along.


We both love the art of thrifting.
Yes, I said art.
 I do think it is an art, a talent, and takes a bit of education 
to find the true gems out there. 
And there are so many great treasures to be found.

We like to say we are "thrifters extraordinaire."
It's fun but we both have very "real" reasons we are drawn to thrifting. 
They are pretty similar and we like to find some of the same things
but our styles, "looks" or whatever you want to call it are not exactly the same. 
That's a testimony to the diversity of items that can be found. 

There is a wonderful interview on Alison Giese Interiors blog with Ashlyn that give such insight to her "whys" of thrifting. 

I love to thrift for so many reasons.
I consciously started years ago when I was about 20.
It really started before - all my life - because my mom would find amazing pieces or things people no longer wanted and refinish, reupholster, reuse, repurpose, etc. 
I had a few small trinkets I picked up when I tagged along. 
Then a friend of hers started a collection of green depression glass for me when I was in about 6th grade. (I still have that collection.)

It is an economical way to have the things in my home that I find beautiful.
It also allows me to be a relaxed hostess. We love to have people over and nothing in my house is "precious" or has to be worried about. We use it all. I want everyone to be comfortable. I want my sweet pup Cooper to snuggle on the couch with me. I want visiting kiddos to pile up on the couch with snacks and cokes to watch movies or play games. I don't want to worry about something that was expensive and I don't want anyone else to feel uncomfortable in my home either.

I want my home to be attractive, welcoming and relaxed
 and I think that the thrifted pieces I use accomplish this. 

It's also a very earth friendly way to decorate. 
There are so many great pieces out there with style and great craftsmanship that can't be equaled by many new purchases out there.
And let's be honest -  if something lives with US for a minute
 it's going to have some "patina" right away (patina is a nice word for wear and tear!)
Many thrifted pieces come "pre-patina-ed" :)
Some do not. 
I have bought plenty of new items in the original packaging or with store tags still on them.
But my main quest is finding wonderful vintage items to give my home the evolved, collected over time and (I hope) unique and personal look I love.

I also like that if I decide I'm not loving a piece or find something I like better that I can simply sell it, give it to friends, or donate it back!

Just last week 2 college girls came 
and picked up a dresser I was using in my kitchen
 to give it a new home. 
They were so excited to get it and I was excited to pass it on.
 I had found it, fixed it, used it, loved it and now I could share it!

We want to see everyone's great finds!! 
And get excited with you. So "hashtag" along with us:

Here are the #thriftwithus hashtag details: 
Follow @ashlyngoldberg and @madebymolliesmom. Thrifters extraordinaire. 
Play along by sharing your favorite thrifted finds using #thriftwithus 

Show us your thrifted treasures. Use #thriftwithus to share your thrifted finds styled in their new home. Each week we will feature our favorite pics on our feeds. We look forward to seeing what you can dig up and use and enjoy in your home. 

Friday, March 8, 2019

Citrus Sangria

Like sunshine on a cloudy day!
It has been the dreariest, rainiest Winter ever.
Last weekend we had friends over for a big pot of Jambalaya 
and Mollie and I decided that sangria might be fun.

Mollie thought citrus or lemon 
would be a nice counterpoint to the spicy Jambalaya.

We found a couple of recipes to use as a starting point and this is what we came up with.
So fresh, delicious and easy!
And pretty, too.

White Wine and Citrus Sangria

2 lemons, sliced
2 limes, sliced
1 large naval orange, sliced
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
1/2 cup citrus vodka
2 Tbsp agave nectar
2 bottles of dry white wine
 (we used Pinot Grigio. Sauvingnon Blanc would work as well.)
Sprite, club soda or a fizzy citrus drink like Spindrift or LaCroix

At least 4 hours before serving place the sliced fruit in a large glass container.
Add the mint.
Pour in the citrus vodka and agave nectar.
Fill the container with the two bottles of white wine.
Stir. Cover and chill.

To serve: fill a glass with ice cubes, add the white wine sangria and a lemon or lime slice for color. Finish with a couple of splashes of Sprite, club soda or fizzy citrus drink.

It was light and refreshing and great with spicy food.
It would be a great sangria for relaxing Summer days on the porch!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Bamboo Friday (on Sunday!) Things happen :)

There is sooooo much bamboo goodness out there.
I had 10 minutes to "waste"  enjoy the other day while sitting in my car waiting on Mollie 
and these are some of the great bamboo items I found quickly scrolling through Instagram!

I've left the sources on the screenshot in case you want to see more!

A vintage couch with classy new upholstery will always be more fabulous than anything new!

I've never ever seen a bamboo high chair!
 I'm sure it breaks every consumer safety code out there but it's super cute!

Y'all know I love a good thrifting day and this is a good haul! 

I have a couple of vintage bamboo bangles that belonged to my mom 
and I wear them all. the. time. 
But maybe I need a stack!!
Maybe I need an @myauntdebbie to add to my collection :)

I bought bamboo handled flatware for us to use when I was a newlywed. 
(Many, many years ago!)
We loved it and we are still using bamboo flatware today! 
Just not the same set!!

You had me at pagoda.
I'm a sucker for any pagoda shaped bamboo!!

And last, but not least, I cannot leave a bamboo chair behind. 
It's an affliction/addiction - something.
I'm really obsessed with the Brighton Pavilion chairs.

Look at these!! I actually would be leaving them behind at this price. 
And if I bought them at that price you would not be sitting in them!! For real!
But they are spectacular!!

I have a couple or so of chairs like this one.
Five. But I'm trying not to share how bad the "chair thing" really is!
 If you are looking for some this account often has amazing chairs for great prices!  
I love to pop in here when I'm in Charleston.
It's a fabulous shop with great inspiration.
PS. I'm all about the elephant garden stool, too!

And this is a new to me account but I'm loving looking through her feed
 and she has used my favorite chairs in her home with the best cushion fabrics!

So Bamboo Friday is a little late but all this eye candy was worth the wait!!