Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project ~ Week 4

All I can say is YIKES!!
(Probably why I've never written the great American novel!)
Yikes, I say, again.

I've been riding around with my trusty Sherwin Williams fan deck 
and my fabric swatch on the front seat. 

That way I can ponder paint choices during red lights. 
And in Atlanta I have plenty of time for pondering at lights!

Purchasing some paint on the way home and hopefully purchasing this shade this weekend and getting it up ASAP. 

I knew that this would be slow-going since I am out of pocket half of the time of this challenge but... Yikes!

So, other than saying Yikes, 
and that I am hopeful still that I will get a lot done in the next two weeks, 
 I sadly have little to report.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Front Door Confessions

The sad truth is that our first impression isn't so great right now. 
Our house faces West and our front door takes a beating from the sun.
(Here's a picture from December - lots of beige brick! 
Traditional metro Atlanta 5, 4 and a door.)

And all of our stormy rains seem to blow in from the West. 
It's time for some maintenance and some paint so I am day dreaming about the possibilities.

I do not like our brick but I have to make it work.
I would love to paint it white. 
(I love white painted brick so much! Look at this beauty.)

7 Brick Houses Done Right - Rooms For Rent blog:

Painted Brick. A dream come true for me but makes my husband twitch.

Our front door is SW Urbane Bronze. It's off of "my strip" as I have mentioned before. 
All of my seasonal decor looks great against it...


 ...but maybe I'm ready for something peppier. Or brighter.

Here are some first impressions I really love.
I've been searching for  a big concrete dog (I can afford) for quite some time. 
Remember my trip to Concrete World?? 
Someday my dog will come!
(I compensated with a giant Santa at Christmas)

7 Fabulous Front Door Ideas:

Can't go wrong with white on white on white,
The striped pots and coral mailbox don't hurt a bit.

photo 6:

This green door sitch is fabulous. 
My doors were green a few years ago. Maybe I should revisit green.

Give guests a warm welcome with friendly tones of green, gray, and blue. This grand double-door entry is balanced by its easygoing, leafy hue and simple carving. The weathered patina of the pendant lantern suggests a home that's mellowed over time.:

And how about just green with envy...

Norman Askins Atlanta designed home via Pinterest

Coral is always a win in my book but maybe not with my brick.

Blushing Salmon Beautiful | ZsaZsa Bellagio - Like No Other:

Mmmmm. Turquoise...

Turquoise front door in Greece. -  Photograph by Tom Gowanlock:

or darker turquoise...

Turquoise Houses of Seaside, Florida:

This would not work with my brick but it is all kinds of perfect!!

Dream door with ivy:

Usually when I paint I like to make a change. 
I mean, if I am painting it might as well look different but I'm sooo undecided. 
I love the Urbane Bronze. I haven't gotten tired of it and that's saying something!
What color is your front door?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project ~ Week 3

Half the time of my "Half The Time" project is gone.

I've got to get it together because I cannot bring this room back again.


I'm a list maker so here goes:

1. Paint chair white (almost finished) 
2. Make pillows from fab new fabric
3. Measure and buy bamboo shade
4. Hand block print curtains (Yep, she's crazy!)
5. The floor? Carpet is old/not going anywhere. Decide on rug. Seagrass or Jute? Or what?
6. Decide on additional pillows. 
7. Gather bamboo frames and art. Paint frames if needed. Frame prints.
8. Hang gallery wall
9. Cord covers on sconces - never did it last time around :(
10. Decide about bedside table?
11. Mirror over bed - change out or replace with artwork
12. Gather blue and white for dresser
13. Lamp?
14. And a new thought here, paint wood dresser?? (Definitely crazy!) Will it make the wood 
       armoire look bigger and darker and lonely in it's big darkness? (Yep, nutso!)

So it is PRIME TIME here in the ORC world 
that's all I've done this week - prime things.

 I'm using these in another project
 which has made me think about using them in my ORC gallery wall. 

(They are going to be awesome in my other project!!)

I'm waaaay behind on the gallery wall thing and this was not my original direction. 
I think I'm beginning to panic and grasp at straws.

We will just have to see if I make some progress before the Week 4 post
 or if I'll be writing a concession speech and throwing in the towel!
(We had big elections this week in GA. Can you tell?)

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project~ Week Two

Do not think that just because I am revisiting a previous ORC Challenge room 
that there isn't painting or mucking out to be done!
Sadly, there is plenty of mucking to do.
I let this room become a resting place for homeless items 
during the dresser shuffle downstairs 
and some reorganizing upstairs and the Christmas boxes on the way back to the attic. 
Did she just say Christmas???

Image result for hoarding picture
(Not quite this bad... stock photo. But sometimes I feel this way!)

Moving on...
I found this chair on an online sale site last November and made an offer. 
It was refused.
Then right before Christmas I got a message saying she would take it.
So I drove to meet the seller and picked this chair up. 
Black with a magenta/wine cushion.

Well, true to form I wanted to paint it. White.
From black to white.
Working on it...

Should be ready for the ORC room in about 420 more coats. 

(Bamboo table is going on the porch. It's the old Library ORC table
We obviously don't nail the furniture down around here!)

Think back to the magenta/wine/raspberry cushion from when the chair was black.
It's a custom cushion, practically brand new and 6 sided. Yep. Beyond my sewing skills.
So I decided I would just add a textile to the room that would pull 
the raspberry/wine pink-y color into the mix already there.


After a lot of looking I have found this fabric that has the raspberry/magenta color with the added bonus of a lighter pink and the correct greens to work with what was in there.
And I like it. It took a while, for sure.
( I should add that I went back to my go-to fabric store 
and the first place I looked and it was on sale.
 #whenwillilearn )
 I already have a brown zebra print pillow so that works.

There is a lot of coral in there and I think that is going to move on out 
since there is not a fabric in the whole wide world 
with magenta/raspberry/wine, correct greens and coral in it. 
Not even one I don't like a lot. I mean, none!

I'm OK with that. I can use it several other places and I'm excited about the pinks.

 I have felt since the first Reveal Day  for this room that it didn't have that final layer of special touches to "make it complete and us" and I was right to revisit it.
Saturday morning I pulled up a favorite site, One Kings Lane, 
and this articleThe Truth About Finishing Touches, 
validated my thinking!

Here's a little Olio Board action that pulls together a few of the things I'm thinking about.
(And my armoire and daybed are slightly less fancy!)

I think we are headed in the right direction.
Now to get it together in half the time!!
Other than the bamboo blind and new fabric, I'm shopping the house 
and using more creativity (I hope) than cash to pull this off!

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during this One Room Challenge!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge. One More Time. Half Time.

This will be my 5th ORC.

Four rooms greatly improved by this awesome event.

I have plenty of rooms that need ORC caliber attention.
But life is a tad nutty right now
and I'm going to be out of town 3 or so of the 6 weeks of this ORC
 so I'm going to go back and give my first ORC the finishing touches it truly needs.
Is she crazy?? Half the time??
Or maybe you are thinking  I'm lame
 to go back and tweak a room that has all the hard stuff already done.
But I just love the challenge of the ORC and don't want to miss out!

During my first ORC I underestimated my 5 week time frame,
spent too long mucking the junk out and painting the walls white

to really give it the final zhush it needs.
I talked about being an 85%-er when it comes to the final, final details
 and that was so true with this room.
So this is the 'before.'
We are starting where the I left off.

I still love my previous inspiration rooms but I also have a few new images that I'm inspired by.

Maybe I can tweak a few things in my "half the time ORC."

I love this pic from IG which is of the Caspari shop in Charlottesvillle, VA.

So maybe more pillow variety. Looser arrangement?
I love the orange chinoiserie on the bed. 
I love white bedding that I chose previously but this is fun!

And art.
I painted a large blue and white vase with coral in it the night before the reveal

(that's how things go sometimes) and it's the only art in there.
That's bananas!!

I feel like a big fabulous gallery wall around this armoire might be just the thing!
Lots of vintage and thrifted bamboo frames would make my day!

Remember this gallery wall?

I have this fabulous thrifted chair...

I block printed some fabric that became curtains in a #secretproject (still to be revealed)
so I might want to print some to use in this room
 (I must remember I only have 3 weeks to pull this off!)
And as always the game plan is more creativity than cash!

So follow along here and on my Instagram and see what I can pull off in my "half the time ORC!"

Thank you Linda for this event and all the inspiration and motivation it creates.