Friday, September 2, 2016

Concrete World...

Oh, how I love thee.
I was in Virginia visiting my parents and I found out about Concrete World.
What can I say? I love an artfully shaped chunk of concrete.

I have been looking for a concrete dog for quite a while. 
I live in Georgia so all I can find is a bulldog. 
I have 2 Goldens. I want a big, Golden-looking concrete dog.
 For a great price. Also not a possibility in Atlanta.
Thus explaining my fondness for concrete places on backroads and not near pricey Atlanta. 
If you know of a concrete place that fills these two requirements in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina or Tennessee, please share. Really. 
Anyway, I liked the pooch above but I didn't get him.
 Because... no good reason. Indecision.
 The thought of finding a better pooch down the road... 
(This would be a classic #firstworldprob. I know)

How about this palm tree fountain centerpiece?? 
It's taller than I am (which isn't saying a lot but it's like 6 feet tall!!)

They had these huge flamingos. About 4 feet tall. 
(That's my BIL playing in the fountain. Over 40.
Boys never change - water and they are in it!)

Here's the fountain. 
You can get it in this stained finish
 and the pump is moving the water around all the tiers. 
I love fountains like this. 

 But what I really fell in love with were the urns.
 They were fabulous.
 And huge - at least 3 feet tall.
 And a zillion pounds.

This is my absolute favorite one above.
I just love it.

And then they had about 4 styles of pineapples.
 All good!!

Concrete World - I will return.
 In a big truck. 

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