Monday, November 20, 2017

Pineapple Vase!

The gold pineapple vase in my One Room Challenge reveal last week 
is an amazing high/low find 
and would make a great little gift for someone or yourself.
 (That's how I got mine!! Wink, wink!)

It was $9.99 at Wal- Mart!! Yes, you read that right!
I couldn't find it online but it's still in the stores in my area. 
It's in the section with candles and silk flowers, etc.
It would look so cute with greenery or eucalyptus leaves in it for the holidays! 

Here is the $149.00 version:
Yes, you read that correctly also!

Pier One has the exact same gold pineapple vase online as mine for $19.99 
if it isn't on the shelves at your Wal-Mart. 
Still a good price!

Wal-Mart also has  a white one online for under $15.00.
Burton & Burton Vase Ceramic Pineapple Small
Add some flowers or greenery 
and you have a great hostess gift that will be used year 'round, I'm sure!
And pineapples are the symbol for hospitality!

*I'm not compensated in any way by Wal Mart or Pier One Imports, but wouldn't that be nice ?
I'm just sharing a great find.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Come On In! Fall 2017 ORC - The Entryway

The Reveal!

First, let me say that if I had hired me to do this project I would have fired me!!
The indecision. Very un-me.
Major aspects changed. Changed again.
And the number of trips to the fabric store?? 
Our Entryway really does not look like what I saw in my mind before I got started.

But Come On In!
 And let's see what you think...

A big, chinoiserie monogram welcomes you from the outside.

Looking in from the front door to the family antique chest, thrifted Gampel Stoll bamboo and pineapple mirror and a very heavy elephant garden stool found at an estate sale.

Looking past the mirror and chest toward the door to the family room 
and my very large DIY Audubon bird print.

(The walls are very white. Not pale, mint green!

Looking back across the chest to a piece of Haitian art that has hung in that exact spot
 since I got it over a decade ago. I love it there so it did not get moved.

(The chest is a family antique and it has a few spots and rings here and there,)

Looking from the front door into a previous One Room Challenge, 
(We unexpectedly refinished our entryway floors for the ORC and the yellow-y library floors will be next! This will help the flow with the vintage Brighton Pavilion bamboo chairs actually being in two different rooms.)

Looking from the Library toward the front door and the mirrored French doors. 
The bamboo shelf replaced the dusty, old hall tree that I did not love!

Looking down from the stairs: Library to the right, front door to the left.

You can go back to each of the previous weeks here:
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
and Week 6 
to read about my plans and many changes. 
I'll be posting some more in the next week or so about where I found some of my great bamboo pieces, why I didn't use any of the fabrics I purchased, how this room changed from one with a lot of fabric possibilities and a gallery wall to a pretty neutral, understated space.
There are some really great deals in this space along with a lot of "shop the house" items!
I plan to share more soon.
Hopefully picture overload does for now - especially since I am just now getting this post out!!
Even though my "reveal" is technically late (and boy, are the reveals I've already scoped out fabulous) I do appreciate the motivation that the Calling It Home Blog provides for me to get a room "finished" in 6 weeks or so. 
I'm excited to have this pretty entryway to decorate for the holidays and then welcome my guests!
Update: Come see this Entryway decorated for the holidays!
Be sure to see what everyone else accomplished as well.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Come On In! Fall 2017 ORC -The Entryway

This should be "reveal day" but thank goodness it isn't. 
(I'm sorry for the reasons for the extension.)
After being lulled into a false sense of being in control thanks to the extra week this go 'round, I allowed my attention to be diverted from the ORC by, you know, life.

I said on instagram last week that I am participating in the One Room Indecision.
I have been to the fabric store a bit more than I should have. 
I even went on a Sunday only to find out that they are closed on Sunday. 
I dragged Mollie up there. Twice.

Fabric and Fringe Warehouse, Marietta GA

Anyway. I finally bought something.
I was happy with it (for the most part.)
 Great fabric, just uncharacteristic indecision on my part.

(Its more coral than red in real life)

Then I mentioned to my Dad that I was looking for a rug 
and he loaned me one of my mom's rugs that was being stored in their basement :)

The rug wasn't "awful" with the fabric above but it wasn't head over heels "love" on my part. 
So back to the fabric store I went.
 Because I loved the rug. 
And Mollie loved the fabric I had already bought so she took it to use and I no longer felt the guilt of not using it. It would have been OK. Just not "love" on my part.
(Believe me - I know these are #firstworldprobs)

And then I saw it. From afar. And the colors were perfect.
So I bought fabric AGAIN. After dragging Mollie up there again.
Wait until you see it!!!!

And then I negotiated, in a way that would make some of the major players at international summits at the United Nations  watch in awe, with my husband to NOT put the dreaded, dust collecting rack of hats back in the entryway that is soon to be home
 to a fabulous rug and fabric that I am actually committed to!!

No more hall tree of hats. 
Just a lovely bamboo shelf that will hold all kinds of fabulous eye candy. 
And a plant. Definitely a plant.

So here are a couple of little peeks at my progress
 and the vintage family heirloom rug that is on loan from my dad :)

Starting to put a few accessories here and there in the room...

And the rug. I just love it!
(And yes, we got stain on the bottom of the door. We are playing rounds of the "touch up" game over here. 
Touch up trim. Touch up floor. Touch up trim...)

I also took time out of the ORC schedule to go to the Atlanta Lights Festival with Mollie. 
She got tickets for her birthday in September. 
The weather was perfect and it was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it!

Of course, I am now, once again, scrambling to finish by next week because there has been a change on several major points with the introduction of the new fabric choice. 

And in case someone, anyone, is still reading:

So here's "the list:"

1. Stain the floor (stained - now watching poly dry )
2. Continue looking for  rug. (I may be on to something)
3. Add fabric border to the bottom of the curtains- Fabric purchased. Again.
4. Pillows for Brighton chairs.
5. Paint hall tree :)))))) It's outta here!!!!
6. Paint back of front door - something fun that works with fabric and rug which is TBD :(
7. Decide on accessories for the chest - they are in front of the mirror.
8. Decide on accessories for Brighton table 
9. I want a plant in there somewhere... 
10. And I completely forgot that I planned a gallery wall above the Brighton chair and table. :0

See you next Thursday. 

Be sure to check out all the other Guest Participants progress!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Come On In! Fall 2017 ORC- The Entryway.

Week 5 Check-In

The unplanned floor refinishing project consumed most of the week.
Because drying time. And rain in Atlanta. So humidity.

Due to my absence last week, the weight of this big old piece and time issues we had to do the floor in stages. The area under the dresser will happen quickly once the last coat of poly dries on the rest of the floor. It's a little inconvenient but it makes for a great before and after shot and who doesn't love visible proof that a DIY turned out great!!?
Look at the deep, rich color the floor is now vs. that awful yellow-y strip!

It is A-OK because they look amazing in their new dark stain. 
We keep wandering around asking why we didn't do this years ago.

Anyway, unplanned and time consuming, but worth it. 
And we started before we knew that there was going to be a week extension on the deadline. (Why did that never happen to me in college??)
So, it's working out well.

If this seems like a run on sentence or a little less than precise for this stage in the ORC please remember that it finally cooled off here in Atlanta and we timed having to close up the house perfectly with coating the entryway floor with heavy duty polyurethane every night. We are a little loopy. And sore. Because when the floor is wet we have to jump from the steps to the Library and miss landing on the wet floor  Or stay upstairs.
I told you - loopy from the fumes. :)

I've purchased some  fabric.

But now due to a possible rug situation I am wavering.
I need the floors to be finished!!
I need to get in there!

So here's "the list:"

1. Stain the floor (stained - now watching poly dry )
2. Continue looking for  rug. (I may be on to something)
3. Add fabric border to the bottom of the curtains
4. Pillows for Brighton chairs.
5. Paint hall tree
6. Paint back of front door - something fun that works with fabric and rug which is TBD :(
7. Decide on accessories for the chest - they are in front of the mirror.
8. Decide on accessories for Brighton table 
9. I want a plant in there somewhere... 

I promise to have something-anything- more exciting next week.
And a decent picture even if it isn't mine :)

See what everyone else is actually accomplishing here!