Thursday, February 2, 2017

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Painting Chinoiserie, that is. 
I'm in a painting groove and I can't stop.

I bought plain white Christmas ornaments in December of 2015.
 They sat for a year :(
Then I made these.
And then I painted these.
And now I'm painting Chinoiserie Monograms!
And loving it!

They are large wooden letters - 18 inches tall.
So perfect for a protected front door, inside bedroom door, baby gift, little girls bedroom, nestled in a boxwood wreath for Spring or in a gallery wall grouping. Anywhere! 
It's the best of two worlds - monograms and chinoiserie!

This one is traditional blue but any color goes!! 
The background doesn't have to be white either! 

Monkey see, monkey do!

Here it is start to finish!!

I'm going to be making it easy to order these on the 
And they will soon be available on the new Instagram feed for elizabethandpayne.
Elizabeth and Payne is a new little adventure that Mollie and I are going to give a whirl. 
We keep finding such great things when we are out and about and finding things to paint in Chinoiserie so we want to share!
We will be hosting Elizabeth and Payne IG sales and maybe a pop up shop or two!!
Be sure to "follow" us everywhere so you don't miss a thing!


  1. You painted these?! You are truly amazing and so are these works of art! I love chinoiserie, especially in blue and white!!

    1. Leslie, Thank you. They are so much fun to paint! I love the blue and whit too but I found a coral-y orange chinoiserie lamp for my master bath and I'm in love with that colorway too!