Monday, January 30, 2017

Chinoiserie Valentines!

February is knocking on the door??
I just got used to writing 2017 on things and now I have to write a new month!
Wow, that was fast!

I had so much fum making the blue and white chinoiserie ornaments at Christmas 
that I wanted another fun project! 
Handpainted hearts of some sort would do the trick!
(PS. They are sitting on that amazing, crazy bamboo table find!)

Last year the Chinoiserie Heart was big - this year they are tiny!

So here they are! 
Since people wanted to buy the ornaments and there was no way I could pull off getting organized to ship them out, etc. at the last minute in December,
 I decided to offer these up on Instagram!
The first batch has shipped out! 
(Whew! I have figured out PayPal invoicing!)

 There are a couple more available.
Watch for them this week on Instagram and then be sure to watch for what is coming for Easter!!
It involves chinoiserie, Spring-y colors, monograms if that's your thing, bunnies and more!!
There will be sneak peeks on IG!

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