Tuesday, January 17, 2017

iphone 1/17/2017

Does this happen at your house?
When I "take down Christmas" I don't just put things back in place.
Even though I was perfectly happy before Christmas.

I plopped that pillow on the stool because I love buffalo check.
 I love that pillow in the Library and I'm not sure I want it to leave but.. 
I found this cute pillow on clearance after Christmas.
So it's "auditioning." :)

I also found a glass top faux bamboo coffee table right before Christmas.
 It is only 2 inches smaller than the one that has been in the Library.
 But I'm giving it a try to see if the slight difference "opens up" the room. 
At least that's what I'm telling myself.

When the Christmas greenery goes, I find myself needing greenery of another sort.

Forcing some paperwhites for a little pre-Spring pick me up!

White tulips were on sale at Kroger. 
What's a girl gonna do?
Plus I had to go to the grocery on a Saturday.
 I deserved them.

And the ivy plants are always so pretty in January.

I love this image from IG.
We should go wherever this is.

I love her feed. 
I love these chairs
 and I have a loooong love affair with black and white checked floors.
*notice the plants in the window :)

I'm always drawn to warm, beachy images in the Winter. 
I don't know if it's torture or it helps. But this painting is gorgeous!

Aaaand the Chinoiserie Christmas ornaments were so much fun
 I had to think of another project along the same line.
So, Ta-Da!!

Chinoiserie Valentine Mini canvases to warm your heart.
 And they are going on sale on Instagram on Friday 1/20.
I'll be posting these and more that are "in progress' on my work table. 
All different sizes (for reference: the one above is 6x6 inches) and color combos!!

That's about all the randomness on my phone right now. 

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