Friday, January 13, 2017

Furniture Roulette

At my house any piece of furniture can end up in any room at any time.
Just the spin of the wheel. Luck of the draw.
It's a gamble when you come to my house.

This may be particularly true when we are snowed in.
It rarely happens but when it does...

Before the first flake fell last week ...

This dresser was in the family room holding up the monster TV 
(my opinion which is not the opinion of others living here)
and containing our electronic "stuff."
On NYE my friend commented on how much she liked that dresser where it was and the color. I said, "Me too." And at that time I meant it. 

The dresser below was holding up our industrial chic spice cabinet in the kitchen
and  awaiting a paint job.
 The dresser had come from Mollie in one of her many moves during college.
I liked it just fine. It just needed me to decide on paint and take time to paint it.
(Is it weird to have bedroom dressers all over the house? Don't ask me. I have a china cabinet in my bathroom!)

And between NYE and the first flake this beauty showed up at my house.
Thank you to whomever donated this to the thrift store.
I snapped it right up!

And that's not even the one I talked about here
 and is in a holding pattern while I get it's new spot ready and paint it.

So the wood finish bamboo dresser came home and into the family room.
 Where its perfect self now sits! 

All it needed was dusting and two screws to fix the fabulous bamboo pulls. 



I started painting this dresser (and feeding the dog LOL) a nice soft blue by Sherwin Williams.
Because this is what was going on outside:

And while I was painting in the middle of the kitchen my husband managed to pull this off:

But back to the furniture switcheroo. 

Amazing what you can accomplish when you can't leave the house.
All finished in the gorgeous, soft SW Tidewater turquoisey blue. 
Our thrifted industrial chic spice cabinet back in place. 
A few globes, plants and some blue and white.
Looks like it was made for that spot.

And a little peek of one of my favorite lino prints by Charleston SC artist Stacy Bradley.

And the white dresser that was originally Mollie's and then in the kitchen was just picked up by the husband of the friend who admired my blue dresser on NYE.
It's like I'm contagious!
Now the same thing is happening at their house!


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