Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I'm Feeling Green...

No, not the flu!

Actual Green.
The color. 

Photo courtesy of Pantone.

Greenery is Pantone's Color of the Year 2017, 
which works for me because green is always one of my colors of my year.

I particularly love this green from Sherwin Williams.

talipot palm by sherwin-williams:
Talipot Palm. 
I have used it on a mirror for one thing. Gorgeous green.

In fact, once Christmas holidays are over I hope for one good snow day/school's out holiday and then I'm basically looking for Spring and "greenery."

It's January 4 and I've already been on Pinterest looking at planter combos.


Anyway what I'm feeling green about is this:

And honestly, this is another one of those 
"I can't make this up moments!"
 This dresser came into my life about 2 days before Christmas 
and I've just now had time to think about it. 
And I'm feeling green.
But first, the story.
My husband called and said," I'm passing a GW and I'm going to go in. Are you looking for anything in particular?"
I said, "Yes, please find my dream bamboo dresser.
 Or a blue and white ceramic garden stool."
We laughed.
Two minutes later he sent that picture to me via text. 
And the question, "Do you want this??"
Are you kidding??? Load. it. up. now!!

And, oh yeah, I know they had the drawers in wrong. :)

They were literally rolling it out on the floor,
 so my husband told the guy not to even unload it. 
And then the guy asked him... wait for it... 
"What about the rest of the set? Are you taking it now, too?"
I'm dying!! More on the rest of  the set  later.

Right now I'm feeling like it should be green.
So, I spent some of my holiday down time googling these:


Henry Link Bali Hai 6 Drawer Faux Bamboo Dresser; etsy WhisperDesignStudio:
via Pinterest

Really love this slightly softer green...

Faux bamboo Basset dresser redone in green:

Related image
So pretty. Like Pistachio Ice Cream.
Not surprising that it's so lovely - it's from One King's Lane.
And I love it.

But then there's Navy to consider...

Navy Faux Bamboo Painted Dresser

and turquoise...

Aqua Painted Vintage Faux Bamboo Triple Dresser By Stanley Furniture Company - 9 Drawers w/ Fitted Interior & Campaign Style Hardware:

I'll let you know.


  1. What a great husband to volunteer to shop for you! I lucked upon a very similar bamboo bedroom suite in a local consignment shop last year by Thomasville. I'm using the dresser as a changing table in our nursery, the tall chest of drawers in the living room to store candles, batteries, place mats, etc., the mirror from the dresser as a wall hung, full length mirror in our master, one side table in the study, and the other as a night stand in the guest room! The only thing I didn't find use for was the queen sized headboard, but my sister in law is enjoying it. I love each piece, and breaking it up gave a touch of bamboo all around the house without having one "matchy, matchy" room. Hope you enjoy your pieces as much as I have!

    1. Yay for your lucky find too!! In the case of bamboo bedroom suites... breaking up isn't hard to do. I'm not sure where the rest will end up but #nobambooleftbehind!!

  2. Your luck is kinda wonderful and sickening. I love that color and can't wait to paint something. Pam at Simple Details(love that girl) did her dining area and a dresser. You may have one of her photos included in the blog today.
    Sasha is also a lucky duck. An entire suite. Kills me!

    1. It was short one bedside table if that makes you feel better? Otherwise it's pretty amazing to me still. I always wonder who gets rid of something like that?? they are probably thinking who buys something like that!! LOL I'll take it!! And I looove Pam at Simple Details too. She posted that she's going to paint her green dining room soon!! She was ahead of Pantone!! Thanks for reading about my bamboo addiction/obsession!!

  3. I used a similar dresser in my son's nursery. It made a fabulous changing table. We went with a fabulous bright Chinese red. It was a horrible painting project though!

    1. I bet it was awesome inbright red. These dressers are beautiful in every color in my opinion. I just love them. I painted a bamboo cabinet coral for and it did take a while!!!