Monday, October 4, 2021

Chatting "Vintage" with Stacy from @capitolvintagecharm

 I had the great privilege (and a ton of fun, too) of being the guest of a fantastic, informational and upbeat "program" on Instagram. 

I love Stacy's collected, layered look.

Stacy Harvie who can be found @capitolvintagecharm on IG hosts IGTV segments she calls "Charm" Schools. She's so clever! They are full of lots of interesting information about our favorite topic - vintage items. 

She interviews fellow vintage collectors, dealers and enthusiasts and we chatted about bamboo and rattan furniture. You can find our segment here. 

Stacy's feed and her "Charm" Schools are an unending source of great information , beautiful vintage finds, and more. She has a great logo too.
 (I think I need to up my "brand" game and create something really "me" to use!)

Stacy lives in Washington DC so we have that in common. I spent my school years in the District and vicinity. She's a Southerner - She's from Louisiana and I'm from Charleston, SC. We both love family heirlooms, thrifting and really any venue for vintage shopping, and, of course, bamboo and rattan furniture! It is amazing that this IG app has helped so many of us find friends! 

Stacy's lovely bedroom full of pattern color and vintage goodies.

I just wanted to share a little about Stacy because we all need fun distractions these days and Stacy's IGTV's are worth the watch! (I think better than a lot of what's on "real" TV. I actually have watched a ton of great IGTV "shows" over the last year and have learned and/or been inspired by so many great feeds!) ) Do you have any favorites?? 

PS. Stacy has a Chairish Shop and an Etsy Shop!