Friday, October 30, 2020

Family Room "Fluff" -

 The Messy Middle - Weeks 3 and 4.

No update last week because I had to be out of town. So, literally nothing happened on the ORC.

However, a super productive couple of days has resulted in some progress. 

It's the messy middle. Progress, but nothing finished or back in place and certainly not styled!!

So here's a bit of the evolution that got us to the ORC starting point and contains a lot of elements that you will see in the "fluffed"/finished room in 2 weeks :

In 2017, I painted our brick fireplace. I had wanted to do it for over 10 years before I took the plunge. I will never hesitate to paint brick again. Total game changer. 
I still love the white walls and white brick fireplace.

The large bookcase in the background had been there for years and was flanked by bookcases. I swapped the bookcases out for 2 chests. It lightened up the room and all the books moved into the Library that was my Spring 2016 ORC.

(Pardon the doggie cover on the wicker couch - crooked and all!!)

Then I found these three beauties at a local Goodwill for less that $20 each!! What a find. 
We moved the large bookcase to the Library and moved the bamboo beauties in. 

And I think those 3 cabinets are about the only things in this room staying in the same spot!

And here was the during over the weekend. The "befores" and the  messy middle. We moved both couches, changed the wall the TV is on and a few other things like that.

I'm not sure I've ever shown the TV wall in this room before. The TV is a massive black beast but I have to work around it. It's what we do in this room :)  
Maybe someday a frame TV will come my way!!

I'm excited to show you where the couches, the TV and a few other pieces of furniture ended up!

We like the new arrangement and the fun part begins now. 

Since this is a "fluff" there aren't a lot of purchases happening but some fresh throw pillows might be needed! Mostly I'm rearranging and editing to make this room feel a little more open and less busy. Oh, and painting. The walls needed a fresh coat of white. 

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And I hope you'll come back next week for a peek at a room that's close to being finished!

Once in Blue Moon

 Something fairly rare is going to occur on October 31, Halloween night, this year. 

There is going to be a "Blue Moon."

This is the name for a second full moon in one calendar month. 

But this year, 2020, the Blue Moon is even more unique. 

A Blue Moon only happens on Halloween about every 19-20 years and a Blue Moon that is visible in every time zone only happens every several decades!! The last time this occurred- blue moon on Halloween visible in every time zone- was in 1944 during WW2. 

So, honestly, what is going to occur is very rare and why we use the idiom "once in a blue moon" to describe something that rarely happens!

If you want the scientific details I've got a quick explanation below from Brittanica's website:

The period from one full moon to another is about 29 1/2  days, so when two occur in the same month, the first of these full moons is always on the first or second day of the month. February, which has only 28 days (29 days in leap years), can never have a blue moon. Months with 31 days—January, March, May, July, August, October, and December—have a much better chance of hosting a blue moon because of their length. On average, a blue moon occurs once every 33 months or full moons, 41 times per century, or about seven times every 19 years. An even rarer event is when two blue moons happen in the same calendar year, which happens about four times per century.

I hope you have clear skies wherever you are and can see this beautiful occurrence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Spookiest Week of the Year!

 I'm more of a Fall decoration gal than Halloween per se. 

We definitely did more Halloween decor when Mollie was young but it was never really spooky. Just cute and lots of pumpkins!

BUT... I love these terra cotta jack-o-lanterns so much. 

About as "spooky" as we get!

I had one that I bought many years ago at a Fall Festival when we moved into our first house.

It was broken during a move and then last year I found a small one at a thrift store. I started searching for them and collected quite a few. I check every time I go because I have found them on the "holiday" aisle at GW even in January. You never know!

Last year they hung out on a bamboo baker's rack on the screened porch.

 I bring them out each October and they are quite popular on my Instagram account.

(I found 3 at one time! Good thrifting day!)

I thrifted all of mine but a couple of them were originally from a place called Craven Pottery in Georgia. They have a ton of cool things that I would like to go check out in person soon.

And they have multiple sizes of the terra cotta jack-o-lanterns! I may need to get a really big one for next Halloween!!

I hope your week is full of treats, not tricks!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Family Room "Fluff"- One Room Challenge

 Week 2

One thing that I wanted to happen in this "fluff" is to edit some of the smaller items in the room. There are too many. 

I love these cabinets across the back wall. I like having the chests on each side. 

Pardon the protective cloth draped on the couch in this picture :) #cooperproofing

However there are two things that bother me visually.

1. I feel like I need to paint the chests white or something very light. I don't like the wood tone with the bamboo cabinets. The dressers are not a style I would choose but I have had them since childhood and I liked them with the previous antique cabinet we had in here. and I may be getting more streamlined chests from Mollie that are already white. If not, I will paint these in the meantime and they will basically recede. (I just painted this chest white and we really like it!)


2. I want to line the back of the bamboo cabinets with something white or lighter to make what I do edit and leave in them stand out better. I do not want to paint the insides - yet. I want to try lining the backs first before I commit to paint. #commitmentissues  I also have to replace the glass in one of the cabinet doors. I thrifted these last year and one was missing the glass. Now that I have decided to use all 3 and in here together I need to make that small repair. 

So,  projects to hopefully accomplish before next Thursday! They are small but it's good to cross things off of the "ORC list"

Be sure to check out everyone's progress here There are some serious makeovers and renovations going on this time.

 I've taken the easy way out this round but there are plenty of meaty makeovers to follow!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Family Room "Fluff" - One Room Challenge

 Having just finished my 9th-ish ORC in July it seems crazy 

that its time to start ORC Number 10!!

This time I'm going to give my Family Room a refresh - a fluff, if you will. 

I'm not planning anything major - no big furniture purchases, no big wall color change planned.

James Farmer calls the TV room in his house "The Waller Room" because A. we are southern and say stuff like that and B. because we basically waller around on comfy furniture and watch TV in there. 

We don't have a formal living room (which is fine because we would never use it - we turned our formal dining room into a Library 15 years ago and haven't missed it at all) so that does mean that when people come over we need to clean it up enough that it doesn't look like a Waller Room ;)

We have been wallering around far more than usual due to the pandemic and I think we could use a little freshening, a fluffing up, in our Family Room. 

 We have 2 couches in there - One is from IKEA because it's an affordable slipcovered couch, we let Cooper (and every dog we've ever had) sit on the couch with us, we snack when we waller and I don't want to be uptight about my furniture. The second one is a very, very comfy wicker sofa. I love this sofa and I debated about having a wicker couch in my family room when I don't live in a beachfront house. It seemed OK for a beachy, vacation vibe but I couldn't decide if it was going to look OK in my suburban, non-coastal home. And then I saw  this designers room with a dark wicker couch in it and it looked fabulous. So I dragged it off the screened porch and into the family room a couple of years ago as our second couch. We prefer 2 couches over a couch and multiple chairs. 

The rug is not even a year old. It's staying - I love it:)

It's a Smith and Hawken indoor/outdoor rug from Target. It doesn't look like an outdoor rug and it might just be, possibly, Cooper proof.

We had a vintage, wool, Oriental rug in here previously. 

It was NOT Cooper proof ;)  Ooops!

The walls are white. The brick fireplace is white painted brick. That is probably the DIY that has made the biggest impact in this room. And I plan to keep them white but give them a fresh coat of paint.

I inherited a huge copper tray this year that is serving as our coffee table. You can read more about it here but it's definitely staying. 

Sooooo, if all of this stuff is staying, what is the POINT of this One Room Challenge?
Wellllll, a lot of little things could use freshening up and I've been wallering around in this room long enough that I'm ready to rearrange some furniture. And edit. I need part of this "fluff" to equal less stuff ;)

So, I hope you follow along as I (hopefully) scooch the furniture around, paint and clear some clutter out but still manage to use some of my favorite accessories and make sure that everyone can see the big, black TV from "their" waller spot on the couch. 

So here we go again - One Room Challenge Number TEN for me!!
And as always be sure to check out all of the other participants here!

Monday, October 5, 2020

This Gal Got a Better Job.


In her previous life she was an ashtray!

When we were closing up my parents home and having the estate sale earlier this year this sweet little girl on a stand was found in the basement. I instantly loved her even though I knew we wouldn't need her to serve her original purpose!

I've had her a few months now but hadn't found just the right spot for her.
I've recently painted this chest in my entryway again!
I've struggled with this particular spot for months. It's the first thing you see when you enter our house and I think all the articles I read during lockdown about how important the "message" your entry way sends to all who enter caused me to become indecisive and somehow unable to pull it together!

But after I went to this great warm white (Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk) to match the Gampel Stoll mirror hanging above it I decided her dark silhouette might be just the contrast (and height) this spot needs.

She's holding some cute little pumpkins right now but I've already found 2 sweet little blue and white Chinoiserie planters that fit on the stand that will hold small plants. And I can already envision Christmas ornaments balancing in the little trays for Christmas. 

I think she's happy with her new line of work!

Friday, October 2, 2020

October is All About the Pumpkins and Mums

 As I mentioned last post we don't decorate for fall until after our last September birthday on the 29th. 

So now pumpkins are a GO!

I've been busy painting Chinoiserie pumpkins. The weather has been beautiful and I've been sitting on the screened porch to paint. The last batch from "my patch" has shipped out!
Now I can start sprinkling them around at my house. And they can hang around until Thanksgiving because they are Fall decor not strictly Halloween!

I found that ribbed blue and white Chinoiserie piece at a thrift store. It looks like a pumpkin. 

And I have a few of my favorite white heirloom pumpkins mixed in too. 
I prefer the pastel and white heirlooms to the bright orange pumpkins but the orange ones show up in a couple of spots too!

The first place I add in fall touches is my screened porch because I always get mums for my birthday!! My favorite mum colors are purple and white. Look at the size of this purple mum! It's the biggest one I've ever gotten!
Are you a mum person? 
I love them. They say Fall to me!

I'm off to add some Fall touches in other spots around the house. 
I'll be sure to share more pictures soon.