Friday, October 9, 2020

Family Room "Fluff" - One Room Challenge

 Having just finished my 9th-ish ORC in July it seems crazy 

that its time to start ORC Number 10!!

This time I'm going to give my Family Room a refresh - a fluff, if you will. 

I'm not planning anything major - no big furniture purchases, no big wall color change planned.

James Farmer calls the TV room in his house "The Waller Room" because A. we are southern and say stuff like that and B. because we basically waller around on comfy furniture and watch TV in there. 

We don't have a formal living room (which is fine because we would never use it - we turned our formal dining room into a Library 15 years ago and haven't missed it at all) so that does mean that when people come over we need to clean it up enough that it doesn't look like a Waller Room ;)

We have been wallering around far more than usual due to the pandemic and I think we could use a little freshening, a fluffing up, in our Family Room. 

 We have 2 couches in there - One is from IKEA because it's an affordable slipcovered couch, we let Cooper (and every dog we've ever had) sit on the couch with us, we snack when we waller and I don't want to be uptight about my furniture. The second one is a very, very comfy wicker sofa. I love this sofa and I debated about having a wicker couch in my family room when I don't live in a beachfront house. It seemed OK for a beachy, vacation vibe but I couldn't decide if it was going to look OK in my suburban, non-coastal home. And then I saw  this designers room with a dark wicker couch in it and it looked fabulous. So I dragged it off the screened porch and into the family room a couple of years ago as our second couch. We prefer 2 couches over a couch and multiple chairs. 

The rug is not even a year old. It's staying - I love it:)

It's a Smith and Hawken indoor/outdoor rug from Target. It doesn't look like an outdoor rug and it might just be, possibly, Cooper proof.

We had a vintage, wool, Oriental rug in here previously. 

It was NOT Cooper proof ;)  Ooops!

The walls are white. The brick fireplace is white painted brick. That is probably the DIY that has made the biggest impact in this room. And I plan to keep them white but give them a fresh coat of paint.

I inherited a huge copper tray this year that is serving as our coffee table. You can read more about it here but it's definitely staying. 

Sooooo, if all of this stuff is staying, what is the POINT of this One Room Challenge?
Wellllll, a lot of little things could use freshening up and I've been wallering around in this room long enough that I'm ready to rearrange some furniture. And edit. I need part of this "fluff" to equal less stuff ;)

So, I hope you follow along as I (hopefully) scooch the furniture around, paint and clear some clutter out but still manage to use some of my favorite accessories and make sure that everyone can see the big, black TV from "their" waller spot on the couch. 

So here we go again - One Room Challenge Number TEN for me!!
And as always be sure to check out all of the other participants here!

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