Friday, June 24, 2022

Where The Wild Things Are (Color Theory)

I had a little color theory series going earlier in the year and life got in the way! I do plan to finish it up but I decided to stick this post in (that I had near completion) right now because of a fun animal print collaboration I'm in on IG! 

Not exactly true color theory subjects but I decided to include Animal Prints simply because I personally love them. Maybe too much - we will see :)

I have a group of IG friends who feel the same way and we will joke from time to time that "leopard is a neutral" and "never too many animal prints!" Jenna Lyons was quoted as saying "As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." How do YOU feel about animal prints?


(This tiger print pillow from Annabel Bleu looks good literally everywhere!!)

I love a great zebra print rug (mine are faux!) and have them in more than one spot. I have an amazing new one in a softer gray in my entry way and a fabulous bold black and white one that I thrifted in my Library. I think they are different enough to use side by side. You can read all the zebra rug details here and here.

At one point I had an indoor/outdoor zebra rug on my screened in porch. It was a great online buy years ago and looks like a hooked rug. 

I've got this fun zebra fabric waiting  in my "stash" while I decide where I might use it. 

Tigers, Zebras and ... Leopard print!! Interestingly enough what you call this spotted animal print seems to be generational and not because we are able to tell one spotted animal from another zoologically. I say "leopard print" but many younger people call it "cheetah print!"  There is a difference - leopards have rosette markings and cheetahs have solid spots! We do tend to use the terms interchangeably in the design world. 

Some people feel strongly about unnaturally colored animal prints but I do not draw the line there - I like a blue leopard print or turquoise zebra print. I've used them both and more!
I love this blue leopard chair that came from Tortoise and Hare Vintage in Chattanooga TN. I've got a bright tiger print pillow tossed in it (Annabel Bleu again!) Makes for a very fun corner in my family room.

My kitchen curtains are an orange and coral leopard spot print. They are fun and bright but still a little understated because they read like a texture from a distance.

You don't have to make a big commitment to using leopard print in your home. I use these inexpensive (under $10) fleece throws on our porch to add a little animal print to our screened porch. A touch of British Colonial, maybe?

(Note: the back pillow is a brown and white outdoor zebra print pillow!)

Remember how I said you don't have to make a big commitment to animal print in your home? Well, I don't have a problem with making a commitment to animal print! I slipcovered the cushions on the wicker couch in my family room in leopard fabric!!

I searched high and low, over several months, to find a nice looking, neutral indoor/outdoor leopard print that felt nice and I could afford. I spent hours on this. And then one day I discovered and there it was. I ordered samples of two different colorways and then ordered yards and yards of it. I love it. From a distance it reads as a neutral and it looks great on the dark wicker couch. And it was $7.98 a yard. I know!! Amazing.
(I've now purchased yardage from several times. Great service and quality each time!)

In case you were wondering why I was hoping to find an indoor/outdoor fabric that had a nice feel to it for the humans sitting on it :)

Cooper has always been a fan of leopard print!

You can add just a touch of animal print or you can go WILD!!

Do you decorate with animal prints? Do you wear animal prints (I do!!)?? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Chinoiserie Carpet Balls

Carpet Balls are pretty much just what they sound like - they were originally used for playing a bowling type game inside on carpet. The game originated in Scotland (according to most sources) in the 19th century.

 The game is played much like Bocci, Boules or British Lawn Bowling - just inside on carpet. The porcelain balls were originally painted with plaid, stripe or small flower designs in greens and reds. 

I'm not sure when the chinoiserie designs began appearing on them but all colors and designs of carpet balls have become very popular collectors items.

 They can range in price from a few dollars at a thrift store to hundreds for very old celadon glazed ones. 

I have found all of mine in thrift stores for just a few dollars each. 
I don't see them often but I grab them when I do. 

Be sure to check local vintage shops, eBay and Etsy as well.
 Check online auction/estate sale spots like Auction Ninja
I've seen them at estate sales in person and online.

If  you haven't had any luck thrifting some or finding any vintage ones 
new chinoiserie carpet balls are readily available as a decor accent. 
I'll link some below. 

These are slightly larger 4" carpet balls and come in a set of 3 from Amazon.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

My Personal Style Has a Name!!

When people ask me what my home decor "style" is I never know what to answer. I'm a bit like a mutt - a little bit traditional, not quite grandmillenial, eclectic is pretty broad, I am definitely influenced by my Charleston and southern roots... so what is this mish mash I have going on at home?

I'm not on Tik Tok (apparently I'm in the minority) but they have given my "look" a name! 

It started out with a focus on the fashion influence but they have included home style in this as well. I mean, who doesn't watch Nancy Meyer's homes for the interiors?? We all have a favorite! So what is this style that's created a buzz...

I first saw this on the Today Show's IG:

And from Yahoo- More about this trend/style coined on Tik Tok:

 But you don't have to be a grandmother. Or live at the beach!

This article by The Spruce is comprehensive and nails the essence of "Coastal Grandmother:"

If you're wondering what exactly the coastal grandmother style entails, we're here to give you the rundown. In sum, it's all about the little luxuries, including fresh flowers, scented candles, special antique pieces, and a bowl of lemons ever-present on the kitchen counter, of course.  via The Spruce

(I brought several of these back from the Bahamas. A little girl and her brother dive for them to sell the conch meat in them. The shells were for extra money. 
My bags weighed a ton. The shells were a deal - my overage for bags was not!!)

I'm thinking about coining the style term "Coastal Grandmother Chic" because, while I'm not claiming to be chic by any stretch, I don't want anything frumpy to be imagined either :)
I love the fashion and home decor looks behind this aesthetic. 

Lots of natural textures and white.
 I love that combo but I have to add in blue and white chinoiserie pieces to my 
"coastal grandmother (chic)" vibe. 

I'm not a trend follower but this Tik Tok trend has put a name to the aesthetic I've used for years - small pleasures, flowers and fruit, natural fibers, lots of white, rattan, wicker, seashells that I leave out year round and comfortably celebrating the every day.
Are you a Coastal Grandmother?

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Decorating. Do You or Don't You?

Seasonal decorating... do you or don't you? 
When Mollie was little I let her decorate for the holidays with lots of cute little things - an Easter village or a pumpkin patch and she had a nativity that was all hers to play with and move around as she wished. As she got older I became less of a seasonal decorator and more about adding the "natural" elements from each season. I kept saying I am not much of a seasonal decorator BUT with a little time on my hands over the last couple of years I have upped my seasonal decorating a little bit. Still very little compared to a lot of what's going on out there but it's been fun.

In addition to the Chinoiserie Easter Tree I created this year (and plan to pull out for years to come!) I thought I would share a few other things that I have done around the house.

First of all I have stuck palm branches left over from Palm Sunday here and there. I lean a little coastal/lowcountry in my decor anyway so they fit right in. 

I put some flocked bunnies and chinoiserie eggs at the base of the lemon tree in the garden room.

You may have seen on Instagram that, in addition to my chinoiserie eggs, I marbleized some as well. I used the same spray paint technique I used for my mini pumpkins. 

I created this bunny topiary using a clay pot of bulbs that I had planted in late Winter. Their timing was perfect so I added a little grapevine bunny I purchased at the Target Dollar Spot and tossed in a few chinoiserie eggs. A five minute centerpiece!

This is another little bunny I pull out every year. he's just a flocked bunny on a pick but he's charming in his simplicity. I juts stick him in whatever little planter has greened up already.

And then who doesn't want a giant chocolate Easter Bunny around for Easter dinner? This guy is not edible - he got a coat of spray paint and looks so much like a chocolate bunny that people were fooled!!

My last little Easter project this year was a Resurrection Garden for the entryway at church.
I had seen some on IG and Pinterest. It was easily put together. I used silk greenery because of the location at church but it would be beautiful to create with real plants. Maybe next year.

Happy Easter!