Monday, August 19, 2019

Everything I Know About Thrifting - Why?

I receive a lot of comments on my Instagram account about my thrifted finds.

I'm the co-founder of a hashtag #thriftwithus 
because I love to see what everyone is finding on their thrifting outings!

People want to know where I go, how I find great stuff, 
how am I so "lucky" to find so many things and more.

details here 

So, I thought I would do a little series about my thrifting "habit" so to speak.

I'm starting with "why" which is different for everyone 
and my own motivation to thrift has been varied over the years.

1. I am genetically predisposed to go antiquing, thrift shopping and to take those finds and refinish, paint, recover, repair whatever "re-" they need. My mother was the queen of repurpose, reclaim, reuse before it was a "thing."  I grew up in a house full of family antiques and treasures my mother found and used in our home when I was growing up. 
I was born in Charleston SC where buying something new is unheard of when there is a family piece or hand me down that could be used, recovered, painted whatever.
So basically what I'm saying is the "why" is that I had no choice :)

details here

2. There have been times when a yard sale or thrifted piece was all that was in the budget. Period. 
Plus, I just think it makes financial sense. 
A lot of vintage pieces are, in fact, higher quality pieces than I could afford to buy new. 
And there are other things I want/need to spend money on.

details here 

3. I think thrifting is good for the environment and it's certainly good for my community.
 I thrift in some private stores that support local causes like drug rehab
 and in organizations like Goodwill that put people to work.
That's a win in my book.

porch details here

4. I enjoy it. I do not thrift for clothes because I do not have the patience for it but I have friends who find outrageous bargains in the clothing areas of thrift stores. I think certain areas are better than others for finding high quality or designer items but people find gems in the craziest places. 

details here and  here

5. We have a big dog - 80 pound puppy right now - and we always have had and will have dogs. They are family members and I worry less about losing something I thrifted if something happens (running, chewing, accident) than if I paid a fortune for it. I also want them in the house with me and sitting by me in the evening, etc. We are those people. 

6. We also have always had a lot of people in and out of our house and I want everyone to be relaxed and have a good time. I don't want anyone to feel like they can't put their feet up or get comfy on a throw pillow. I don't want to be an uptight hostess.

7. I like that I can feel guilt-free about "trading" something in if I find something I like better. #fickle  
If I paid top dollar for a decorating item or piece of furniture 
I would need to live with it for a loooong time. 
Not so if I've thrifted something for a good price. I can change it up guilt free.

details here 

I'll be sharing my thrifting tips, thoughts and more in the next few posts!
 Stay tuned!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Design Crush - A Lot More Style

I have recently discovered and started stalking  following
 @alotmorestyle on Instagram.
I'm in love with her design work. She is definitely an "instagram favorite."
Her name is Celine Lotmore Jones. 
Celine is Bahamian and does beautiful interior design
 with a wonderful tropical aesthetic.

She recently posted these pictures on her IG Stories.
 They are from an island project and I love every single item and detail.
Take a look and you will want to book a tropical vacay or move to an island!

What a great, practical entryway. 
Look at the inserts on the closet doors.
This display makes me want to grab one of those bags, 
fill it with a snack and a towel and head to the nearest beach.
Celine also has a straw accessories business 
that sells some of the most beautiful embroidered straw bags and hats.

This kitchen is fabulous.The gorgeous tropical mural. Straw shades on the light fixture. The cute white pagoda shelves. Rattan bar stools and I love a glossy ceiling that reflects the light. 
Oh, and that cute little monkey.

Next up, gorgeous, serene bedrooms. 
Delightful spots to escape the tropical heat and rest.
Seashell prints and a seafoam green chair that looks like a scallop shell. 
A subtle and elegant nod to the island locale.
And those pagoda shelves are stunning.

I love bedrooms with twin beds.
 The canopies and the light fixture are so elegant.

And then the outdoor spaces which are my personal favorite to look at, decorate myself,
 and to enjoy!
Lots of wicker and a beautiful turquoise block print fabric. 
Two other key ingredients for island porch life - palms and ceiling fans.

This porch has a warm coral upholstery, a pair of comfy wicker chaise
 and my all time favorite for relaxing - the swinging bed

Be sure to follow @alotemorestyle on IG for beautiful island style inspiration
 (and she has adorable kiddos too!)

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chinoiserie Shelfie

I found this little shelf at GW about 2 months ago. 
I wasn't sure where it was going in my home ...
but I knew it was going home with me!

Some haters gonna hate but I painted this little shelf.
It had some damage to the finish 
and I thought it would work better for me if it was painted. 
I've been waiting to decide the "where" so I could decide what color!

Progress shot. It's painted and I'm deciding how high to hang it. 
Also, how to hang it because it was a bit heavy 
and I knew some large shells were going on it as well.

Cooper is very enthusiastic about interior design :)

The previous display shelf in this area actually sat on the table top 
so I'm excited that this one will hang. 
It means I can put a lamp on this table and we need a lamp at this end of the couch.
(It means more display space too!)

The shells and coral are from our travels. 

The blue and white lamps and planter are thrifted. The bamboo chair was thrifted as well.
The table was my grandmother's from Charleston. I love that table. It's still "brown" :)
The seascapes were inherited from my great-uncle and I love them.

The plant is a white bird of paradise I bought on a trip to Florida a few weeks ago.
 I hope my thumb is green enough that it blooms someday.
I've moved it outside to a sunnier spot to help it bloom 
and replaced it with a pretty little fern leaf begonia.

*not sponsored but I used this spray paint to paint my shelf. 
It was a great color - Smokey Beige. 
The coverage was great too - I was covering black!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Bucket!

It's a really BIG bucket!!

It's actually a stock tank that should be used to water livestock. 
(I just call it "the bucket")
Some brilliant person decided they would be a fun, easy, dipping pool for us non-farm type people and it has really taken off. 
Country Living mag posted on their IG a couple of weeks ago that they are going to be more popular than ever this Summer. 

 In the cropped photo above things look pretty good but we are still mid-project in reality. 
(See piles of brick below!)

But we have come a long way from where we started last September!
Yes, last Labor Day weekend. 
I started investigating the whole stock tank pool trend last Summer. 
We decide we liked the idea and all systems were go. BUT, we couldn't get a stock tank. 
We are in the Atlanta suburbs so a true feed store is an hour away.
 It took us 3 visits, after calling about availability, to actually get one in perfect condition. 
A couple were dented and they offered a discount but we aren't using it in a field for animals so I wanted it to look good on all sides. We bought ours from Tractor Supply.

We had a little used, needed some lovin' arbor in the back of the yard. 
I thought we could make a few updates and easily plop our big bucket down and get to splashing.
Nope. The old brick patio under the arbor was waaaay more unlevel (is that a word?)
than it appeared to the eye. 

But I hung cute patio lights, filled it with water 
and we splashed around in the end of the Atlanta heat.

This Spring I vowed to bring The Bucket up to its full potential :)

I hung a curtain behind the bucket
 and there are twinkle lights behind it for when we take an evening dip.
I pulled up alllll of those bricks, leveled the ground and put the bucket back down with pea gravel around it. I love pea gravel patio and paths like we see in European gardens. 
I thrifted a larger mirror. It's actually a very hard plastic frame. I gave it a coat of blue spray paint and it should last for ages out there.
I've added some other thrifted treasures like the vintage metal faux bamboo towel rack, lots of plants, and of course a big pineapple float!

I think The Bucket might be at its best in the evening. 
I love the lights.

There are still a few more things to be done (move that ton of bricks for one thing!)
but we are ready (as ready as we can be) for the Southern Summer heat!
If you need us we'll be "in The Bucket!"

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Just a quick "catch-up" post. 
I attempted my 8th One Room Challenge this Spring but it did not come to fruition. 
If you are not familiar - you post your room redo process on 6 consecutive Thursdays which means you have 5 weeks to complete your project.
 I was going to refresh my kitchen. 
Out of the 5 weeks I knew I was going to be gone 2 weeks so it was a bit ambitious at the start. Then I missed a couple of Saturdays for work and conflicts 
and you cannot rush a kitchen refresh project!
I wanted to do it right.
Hopefully I will be showing you some kitchen improvements 
along and along as I get to them. 
I have completed several other ORC's
 so you can check out the links at the bottom of this post.

I have been cleaning my porch and prepping it for Summer relaxing!
We plan to enjoy our porch this Summer since last Summer we spent doing construction in every spare moment.
Decorating the repaired porch was my last ORC.

The pictures above are from last Fall but I'm always moving things around!
I found this cute bistro set , in perfect condition, at a thrift store. 

I added a couple of benches to the porch this Spring.

I love the checkerboard weave on top. This bench has storage in the seat, too. 
It's a very versatile bench and has been in our family room, library and now the porch!

I added the bench below as well.
The finish wasn't great and after trying to revive it I decide to spray paint it.

I love it in this blue!!

It's so fresh and crisp.

The porch is ready for naps on the bed swing, lunches at the various tables and relaxing with a book (or a baseball game on the TV) so now I'm on to projects in the back yard.  
Or garden as the British say!

Lamp and fan strategically placed for napping and reading!!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Where did that saying even come from? 
But this is easy, peasy!

I love lemons and they are everywhere in decor right now. 

I've always loved lemons as a favorite flavor. Lemon Meringue Pie, Chic Fil A lemonade, I drink my tea with lemon (always!) and lemon squeezed on my favorite fresh seafood. A dash of fresh squeezed lemon in homemade vinaigrette, Citrus Sangria, and a must have when we prepare asparagus. The list goes on.

In decor my hands down favorite lemon-y item is this Schumacher design:

Created in 1947 but absolutely a classic and timeless!

Faux lemon topiaries and wreaths are popping up everywhere for Spring and Summer decorating.

I love a good deal on a "trendy" item that won't be around forever 
and I found the lemon wreath above at Wal Mart for under $20.00.
What a great way to add a touch of Summery, sunny yellow 
to my kitchen without spending a fortune.

Yes, some of the more expensive wreaths (and topiaries) are a bit more realistic but they are 3 and 4 times the price. 

I think the quality of the Wal Mart wreath is just fine for a short term burst of yellow fun. 
I tried it with a navy gingham bow too!
Which do you like best? Plain or with a bow?

This post is not sponsored by Wal Mart. I'm just sharing a good deal!

If you can't find this one here are a couple of great looking 
faux lemon wreaths from Amazon. 
With Prime you could have it on your door in no time flat!
Click on the images if you want the details.

This wreath has a TON of lemons!

This one has a bit more greenery.

And I might have to order this cute lemon topiary for my porch.
It would be perfect in a blue and white cache pot!

So, what's your favorite citrus?