Friday, February 15, 2019

Bamboo Friday

Things I love obviously includes bamboo! Vintage, natural, tortoise finish, painted, faux bamboo Palm Beach style. I like it all.
So Things I Love Month - Entry 4 is also bamboo Friday!

I've posted bamboo daybeds before but this one is what dreams are made of.

It was listed on 1st Dibs for $4,850.00.
If you get it may I come see it??

Monday, February 11, 2019

Things I love Month - Entry 3

Continuing this months look at "Things I Love" brings me to...
a good garden center.
Especially this time of year when I have Spring fever.
This year's case is quite serious 
and I'm already thinking about plant combinations for my big pots 
and small projects I want to do in the yard.
I'm so ready for Spring. 

I went to Charleston last week for a few days and managed to squeeze in a trip between family visits and beach walks to a new-to-me garden center called Hyam's.
It is the favorite nursery of my 90 year old cousin who is still planting flowers and growing beautiful ferns and such. 
She said it was worth the drive over to Folly Road so I went.

She has never led me astray on anything in all of these years 
(best place to buy shrimp, how to sail, best crabbing spots, driving a golf cart and more)
 and she was so right!!
I wanted to buy all.the.plants.

Look at these plant combos in their window boxes and containers.

And the petunia varieties were fabulous. 

We are a loooong way from being able to plant petunias in Atlanta but if we had been a bit closer I would not have been able to resist either of these!

I hope I can find the variety above here in Atlanta. 
Or maybe a road trip back to Hyam's in a couple of months to stock up!!

They had an amazing assortment of fountains.

And look at the painted decking floors in this section of the greenhouse.
Black and tan checkerboard. 
This is perfection. And inspiring.
I have considered painting a pattern on my screened porch floor 
and this makes me want to go for it!
How to keep Cooper out of a major floor painting project is a less exciting thought.

This makes me so impatient for my hydrangeas to bloom this Summer!

 I'm definitely using this idea. So simple but so clever. 
And a great way to draw the eye up in the garden.
I can't wait to do this. 
I've been looking to see where I can hang some of these
 and no one will walk into them and conk their head :)

Isn't this the greatest idea?
They've simply knotted rope and strung a variety of clay pots on them.
I think it's fantastic.
What do you think? Is this something you would try in your garden?

Do you have a favorite garden center that gives you great inspiration for plant combos and accents?
Do tell. I'm always up for a visit to a really great garden center!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Things I Love Month - Entry 2

I explained the whole February/Things I Love idea here if you want to catch up.
These are random things that I have loved for a long time - tried and true- not current flings!

Entry 2 of "Things I Love" 
greenhouses or conservatories that are furnished
 and used like rooms - not just to grow plants.

I think it's magical and gorgeous when it happens and I am NOT looking for any feedback about dampness or mold or how impractical. 
This is a purely aesthetic "love."

See what you think...

Talk about farm to table. Or greenhouse to table. 
What an amazing place to host a dinner party.

I love. love a brick floor. 
I would start the day here. Then have afternoon tea. 
And then happy hour. And then a night cap.
You get the idea. 

I'm always good with a classic white conservatory.

The color of this structure is fabulous.
So many great details and look at the size of that bird cage!!

Moving in. Not leaving.
And herringbone brick! I die.

How gorgeous is this monochromatic look all lit up for the evening?

This is so good. I love the big bench on one side of the table.

So beautiful. And lush. 
They all look evolved and layered over time. 
I love that.

All images are from my Pinterest board here
You can follow the original links from there to see more details.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Things I Love Month

February is such a great month. 

Hopefully, an early Spring is around the corner.
We often have mild days in the South during February. 
(Today was 64 degrees!)
Pink and hearts are everywhere. 
I love pink and hearts. Can't help myself.

So, I'm going to talk about things I love this month.
First up, romantic, valentines-y MOVIES!

I love to go to the movies and to watch movies at home, too.
True story - Netflix and Hulu were invented for me :)
I cannot watch TV in real time - like, tune in each week. 
I've never been able to do it. 
Years ago, I never watched Sex and the City
 (which all of my friends raved about and wouldn't miss)
 until I could get it on DVD and watch it.
I just watched movies until Netflix came along and made binge watching shows cool.
So, I have a lot of favorites in the Love Stories category.

1. Love Story. Seems pretty obvious given the title. I still love this movie.

2. Something's Gotta Give. Is it the house? The love triangle? Or is just how stinkin' cute Keanu Reeves is?

3. The Fault In Our Stars. This one is just so, so sweet. And sad.

4. The Notebook. The house. The scenery. His cute smile. Her laugh. The well told story. 
It's all so good. And really I could put most of the Nicholas Sparks movies on this list of February binge watching love story winners.

The little boy is so cute in this movie. 
That bear, Howard, is too cute and there are so many funny lines in this movie. 
Plus Tom and Meg.

Meg again. And the deli scene. What's not to love?

And then, of course, there's Casablanca.

So many great love stories - classic and new. 

I have watched All That Heaven Allows so many times!
It fueled my childhood dream to live in a warehouse or loft or mill. 
Some utilitarian space with great windows!

And then the very versatile movie It's A Wonderful Life
A love story and a Christmas movie!
So watch it whenever you want a feel good love story!

What are your favorite Valentine's/Love Story movies??
Do share!
I'm always up for a good movie recommendation.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Monday Blues

How could you have the Monday Blues
 in a house where the doors are painted such a cheerful color??
Or where there's such a cute pooch??

Friday, February 1, 2019

Bamboo Friday

It is sooooo cold everywhere. 

I think a dose of tropical green is what we all need.

I've purchased this indoor/outdoor palm fabric to use in my home
 in case you want to do a quick DIY pillow or lampshade 
while you are waiting for the "Spring Thaw" :)

It's currently a fantastic price here.
In fact, I might order some so I can get started on freshening up my porch.

*all images from my Pinterest board Bamboo is Best.
Follow original links there.