Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bazooka, Zooka Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum...

We painted self -portraits at Color Me Happy Art Camp a couple of weeks ago. It makes for some good laughs! We giggled through the whole project!
 We learned about looking in a mirror and reversing what we see.
We practiced mixing our skin tones.
But to make it really fun to paint ourselves we painted self portraits blowing bubblegum!!!
Yes, we chewed lots of bubblegum!!
And we tried to blow great big pink bubbles. And we giggled.
I have seen bubblegum projects in classrooms and pink balloons were used. One of our artists did use a pink balloon instead of bubblegum - lots of food allergies.
 It was still fun with the pink balloon!!

They turned out great and looking exactly like the artists!!!!

Even our little guys gave it a try and they turned out pretty cute. We used some tracers to help them get some of the basic shapes in place. And then they looked in mirrors to get their eye and hair color just right!!

We painted on Dick Blick Classroom pack canvases and used acrylics. The "bubble gum" is a round wooden craft ball that we painted a pearly glittery pink that looks just like bubblegum!
And if you really want to have fun you can play the bubblegum song while you paint.***

***Warning!!: That song will get stuck in your head and
 everyone will be walking around singing " Bazooka, zooka bubblegum" over and over.
 Don't say I didn't warn you!! :)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm still here.....

I'm still here.... I'm still crafting.... I'm just deep in VBS and Summer Camp mode at work .... and I have been busy writing a craft booklet, but that's all I can say for now....
I'll keep you posted (haha)....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Me too!

I'm referring to these cute little chalkboard signs we made in Color Me Happy Art Camp!
 I love Art Camp, too - we didn't even pay them to write this :)  !!
I had huge paint buckets full of broken crayons, peeled crayons and a few whole ones as well! We used those to decorate our chalkboards... and guess what? The chalkboard center is peel and stick chalkboard contact paper, not paint!  Easy peasy! We read "The Crayon Box That Talked"  along with this project. It's a great little story about getting along. Perfect for the beginning of the school year or camp week - anytime a group is getting started together for any length of time.

Remember this project??? Well, everyone wanted one of their own so we scaled things back a little and everyone had a great time sorting and choosing the perfect bottle caps!
Love the puffy clouds!

And then remember the Rainbow Flower ?? We had a whole bouquet of very unique Rainbow Flowers!
We had a grreat time at CMH Art camp last week and wanted to show off some of the masterpieces we created.
PS - the Rainbow Flowers in the picture above were created by 3 and 4 year olds! Wow, huh??

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...

After 3 days of rain it was finally t-shirt day at Art Camp!!! They kept asking and I kept saying, "The sun will come out tomorrow (you bet your bottom dollar, Annie) and we will paint our t-shirts!!!" Today was the day. We started out with a bucket full of spray bottles filled with the colors of the rainbow.

Then we hung our t- shirts on the playground fence with clothespins.
There is one in every crowd.  * See below :)
Then we lined up in front of our t-shirts and painted assembly line style. Squirt, squirt, pass the next color. Very efficient, colorful and fun!

Then when we finished all the colors it was popsicle time.Yay!! Everyone happily sat in the sun that we had been impatiently waiting for and  ate whatever color popsicle we got
 because " you get what you get and you don't pitch a fit!"  While everyone ate their popsicles the adults flipped the t-shirts around so the other side could be painted.

Everyone loves. loves the back of the Color Me Happy Art Camp t-shirt. We were painting with beautiful colors on the playgound in the long awaited for sunshine and eating popsicles. No one was feeling blue today!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

ROY G BIV, a very cool guy...

Summer is Art Camp time - a whole week of messy fun, not just an afternoon like we have when school is in session! Our little Art Campers learned all about color - starting with the order of the colors in the rainbow (spectrum.) We created a Roy G Biv puppet to help us remember what comes after red...and that blue and indigo are different in the spectrum, etc.  Roy is a very cool, fun and colorful guy!! I have made Roy G Biv projects in a variety of ways through the years but turning him into a puppet was a lot of fun  (this was inspired by a picture I saw on Pinterest but didn't pin .) Love the black and white polka dotted ties!


All of these "Roy's" were made by four year olds. They are drying overnight and then the finishing touch will go on before they go home - we have a "Hello My Name Is Roy G Biv" nametag just like you see at meetings.

This next batch of "Roy" puppets was created by our 3's class ands I told my staff that these are how Picasso would have represented Roy G Biv!!  They are fun and creative!

Don't miss the one with one yellow strip of hair and the bow tie as the nose!! Very Picasso :)

Now that we understand color we can get on with more colorful projects! Stay tuned!!