Monday, June 11, 2012

Me too!

I'm referring to these cute little chalkboard signs we made in Color Me Happy Art Camp!
 I love Art Camp, too - we didn't even pay them to write this :)  !!
I had huge paint buckets full of broken crayons, peeled crayons and a few whole ones as well! We used those to decorate our chalkboards... and guess what? The chalkboard center is peel and stick chalkboard contact paper, not paint!  Easy peasy! We read "The Crayon Box That Talked"  along with this project. It's a great little story about getting along. Perfect for the beginning of the school year or camp week - anytime a group is getting started together for any length of time.

Remember this project??? Well, everyone wanted one of their own so we scaled things back a little and everyone had a great time sorting and choosing the perfect bottle caps!
Love the puffy clouds!

And then remember the Rainbow Flower ?? We had a whole bouquet of very unique Rainbow Flowers!
We had a grreat time at CMH Art camp last week and wanted to show off some of the masterpieces we created.
PS - the Rainbow Flowers in the picture above were created by 3 and 4 year olds! Wow, huh??

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