Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bazooka, Zooka Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum...

We painted self -portraits at Color Me Happy Art Camp a couple of weeks ago. It makes for some good laughs! We giggled through the whole project!
 We learned about looking in a mirror and reversing what we see.
We practiced mixing our skin tones.
But to make it really fun to paint ourselves we painted self portraits blowing bubblegum!!!
Yes, we chewed lots of bubblegum!!
And we tried to blow great big pink bubbles. And we giggled.
I have seen bubblegum projects in classrooms and pink balloons were used. One of our artists did use a pink balloon instead of bubblegum - lots of food allergies.
 It was still fun with the pink balloon!!

They turned out great and looking exactly like the artists!!!!

Even our little guys gave it a try and they turned out pretty cute. We used some tracers to help them get some of the basic shapes in place. And then they looked in mirrors to get their eye and hair color just right!!

We painted on Dick Blick Classroom pack canvases and used acrylics. The "bubble gum" is a round wooden craft ball that we painted a pearly glittery pink that looks just like bubblegum!
And if you really want to have fun you can play the bubblegum song while you paint.***

***Warning!!: That song will get stuck in your head and
 everyone will be walking around singing " Bazooka, zooka bubblegum" over and over.
 Don't say I didn't warn you!! :)

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  1. Some of those self-portraits are remarkably good. I bet that if I knew the children, I could put a name on some of those portraits.
    Good job, kids and teacher! D