Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge - Week 4

This is the ongoing list on my iphone.
I feel like there should be more check marks :)

However several things are right there - hanging in the balance -
 allllmost ready to be checked off!!
    Good thing. 

There's a lot that looks like this:


And I went looking for fabrics again because the one I loved online was not "IT" in person.
Below are some contenders:

I have decided and it's on sale!!
 I just need a few minutes to hit my local store and grab it. 

I cannot wait to see it in the room!

Be sure to follow everyone's progress on Linda's blog, Calling It Home!! 
I can't wait to see how far along everyone is!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Have You Ever Noticed How You Don't Notice?

Have you ever noticed how you don't notice something and then all of a sudden you see that thing everywhere??

Well, I found this perfectly fabulous coral-y orange Chinoiserie lamp for the vanity counter in my One Room Challenge Master Bathroom makeover/freshen up!

At Goodwill. 
I do plan to remove the GW sticker before I use it ;)
It's chillin' in the foyer waiting for all the "messy parts" to be finished upstairs.

Lady in waiting. @oneroomchallenge lamp hanging out in the foyer until move in day! It's the Minnie Pearl #chinoiserie lamp. I will remove the GW price tag. Promise.:

And then I was looking through all of the "invited" Big Deal designers 

on the Calling It Home blog and I saw a post on Pencil and Paper Blog called "Picture Perfect" and would you  look at the lamp in the first pic!!!

And I start every Saturday with Emily A Clark's Saturday Six on her blog and this week  #1 was this house tour with that lamp!!

And then I was looking waaaay back on Jamie Meares blog (cause I love to read her blog!!), I Suwanee, and I saw this picture of her mom's guest room. Look at those orangey, coral-y Chinoiserie lamps!! A pair!!!!


I loved my lamp at first sight but now I feel like we are in good design company!

If your GW doesn't offer one up like mine did
 here is a gorgeous one from Scully and Scully:
Orange Dragon Temple Jar Lamp

It's about $366.32 more than my thrift store score but it's a beauty.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge - Week 3

I am scarily calm about this.
I'm not sure why.
Because the Master Bathroom is scarily a mess!!

The giant mirror is down and the 80's wallpaper is there for all to see. 
I shared how I feel about 80's wallpaper on my Instagram this week.
White paint headed that way!
 There is one of the fabulous thrifted bamboo mirrors temporarily propped on the counter so we can leave in the morning knowing we've brushed everything that should be brushed and I have both earrings in!

I did clear out the tub.
 Had to find a new storage spot for my bamboo mirror stash 
but we are doing some electrical and they were in the way of the ladder.

The cabinets are still gray.
 I should be more concerned about this. 
And the floor is covered in drywall dust which is luckily the color of our carpet.
 So there's that. 

I did spend some productive time looking at fabric to use in a shower curtain hack. 
I'm in love with several. 

Price might be the deciding factor, I'm sorry to say.

Waverly Chinoiserie Chintz:

And I worked on this mirror a bit.
 But not a lot :)

Waaaay to calm for the number of weeks left on this shindig!

Be sure to check out all the other room transformations on Linda's blog, Calling It Home!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

from my iphone 10 20 2016

1. We had a Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party at church last week after our  Missions Lunch.
This is one of the easiest and truly helpful projects I have ever helped with. 
You cut shoes pieces out of old blue jeans.
 Mail them to Sole Hope, they ship to Uganda and teach people there how to make shoes thus employing people and the shoes are given to children who are in danger of disease, being crippled, amputation or worse due to jiggers.
You order a kit with all you need but blue jeans 
and it's great as a home party or with a large group. 
Watch the videos of children with jiggers.
 Really. Do it. 
And the quote by Asher Collie at the beginning of the video about who the problem belongs to is one of the best!!)
Then have a Shoe Cutting Party. 

And all ages can help.

 Look at Frank cranking out the denim shoe parts.
 If a retired doctor of mathematics can do it, so can you :)

A very kind person donated their coin jar(s) to Edu-Pack to help with Hurricane Matthew Relief efforts in Haiti.
 However, it needed to be rolled. The WCYouth Group spent hours rolling it. 
And we haven't finished. We are at $1500.00
That's a big coin jar!!

2. I spend a lot of time in this gym from October until March Madness. 
I don't know a thing about basketball. I played tennis.
Thankfully I have a great team of basketball loving volunteers. 
And they are all 2 feet taller than I am :)

 3.  I went river rafting on the Nantahala. 

We used Nantahala Outdoor Center for our group and it was a fantastic experience.
Beautiful day on the river.
 Do it. 
It's good for the soul. 
Take your kids. #nocellservice

Someone did have what they call an OOBE.
Out of Boat Experience. 
It ended well - so no worries!

4. The purple mums Mollie gave me for my birthday in September are still going strong!

5.  Mollie turned 25!! 

6. Compassion Experience.

I went to a Compassion Experience program in Roswell a few weeks ago.
Well done!
You experience life in an emerging nation through the eyes of a child. I learned a lot.
  If you get a chance to go to one - do it. 
And take your kids. It's interactive and you use ipods so there's that!!

7. I have had some great thrifting luck lately!

I love it when you find a pair!

(I have a new favorite mustard yellow spray paint!!)

This lamp!!! 

Bamboo shelf in perfect condition. $20.00 

Vintage bamboo swivel chairs.
Going white.

8. I made this one pan lemon rosemary chicken dish from Southern Living. 
Seriously good. And easy. And one pan!!

And this is my picture - not the professional SL one. 
It's really that gorgeous!!

9. I want to live in a house that is situated just like this.
But someplace warm.

10. I'm all in on flamingos. 

11. Mollie and our friend, Handel, from Haiti. We had dinner a few days after Hurricane Matthew ravaged the end of the island. His family and friends are okay.
There are lots of ways to help if you are able.

12. We have had a few cool nights in Atlanta and the firepit has been in use.
 It goes well with red wine ;)

Well, if you are still with me I promise to "empty" my cell phone more often. 
This was a long one!

I was invited to link up at White Spray Paint Blog.
Check it out and that's a blog name I can relate to!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sometimes I Wonder and Bob Dylan

Sometimes I think about projects I want to try. 
Just to see if it will turn out like I think
Sometimes they do. 
Sometimes I don't even finish.
Often I have zero idea what I will do with it once I finish.

If it's really BIG, like this project, then it's a bit crazy.

Someone gave me a huge frame with a big ugly canvas in it and a small pucker in the canvas.
Like about 3 x 4 feet big!

I was really in it for the frame and then... I started thinking. 
So I painted it black.
The whole thing. Canvas. Frame. Liner. All of it.

This was over a year ago and I was binge watching Parenthood on Netflix cause it was Winter and I don't function well when it's gray

So I had this rolling around in my head.
And BTW, I preferred a little Dylan (watch this - awesome!) at the beginning of the show. #dontchangethethemesonghalfwaythrough

And since I've had this blog post sitting in "drafts" a while
 and now Bob Dylan is a BIG DEAL Nobel Prize Winner I decided to post it!!

I started cutting out letters using my Cricut cutter. 
I wanted to create a gradation from cool to warm.
And have lots of texture.
And just see if it would 'turn out."

I just cut and spaced the letters and then used Mod Podge to glue them down.

It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 
It's currently homeless as I have moved it around a few times at the house but it really hasn't "stuck" anywhere.
I'm thinking it may go to the office with me. 
I've been in my office 4 years and I have one personal item in it. Shocking, I know.

*No sponsorships by Cricut or Mod Podge. Just what I happened to use to do this.

And Yay for Bob!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall 2016 ORC - Week 2

I'm working on  our Master Bathroom as we discussed last week.
And I have the greatest inspiration pic - do look back at it!!
What IS going on in there right now?
Anything? Nothing? 
What's going? What's staying?

Black and White tile floor.
This photo with the black and white tile floors and white wall. And palms. Love it.

Beach House life+style : Photo:

Actually a lot is staying or not changing.
Keeping the floor and the cabinets, the layout, etc.
This is really just an attempt to update and decorate a bit but no major remodeling changes. 

Fabulous Faux Bamboo China Cabinet turned linen closet.
Staying. Definitely staying.
This is the "before" discolored yellowy finish.

I actually started painting the cabinet and it's the best coral-y color ever!!
 It was September's Color of the Month
 but that has not stopped me from using it in October!!

Like, I could eat it with a spoon.

Since the cabinet has glass doors, which I love, I have been searching the thrift stores for vintage bamboo and wicker storage containers like this suitcase.
 I'm using them to hide anything and everything.

Image result for vintage wicker suitcases

It's not the final "zhush" of the inside but I have found some great bamboo and wicker suitcases and none of them were over $4.00 at the thrift stores!!
You may remember the gold pineapple not-really-a-DIY!!

I found a pair of bamboo mirrors  in a thrift shop in Charleston last Thanksgiving.
 They are finally going to take their rightful place above the vanity.
Do I have bamboo mirrors in all of my other bathrooms?
 Yes. Is that a problem? Not for me! 
Can you have too many bamboo mirrors? I can't.
 Do I hoard them? Yes. Especially pairs.
Image of Ficks Reed Vintage Painted Rattan & Bamboo Mirror
(These pictures are like airing our dirty laundry for all to see. Yikes!)

I also have that large mirror in there now in a deep coral . I hope it stays. 

There is a white garden stool next to the tub. I think it's staying.

Image result for white garden stool

I have a lot of beachy art that isn't hanging anywhere right now so I think a gallery wall is a possibility above the tub. It'll  be interesting when (and if) I soak in the tub.

Or maybe a cleaner look with a large black and white photo.


The Olive Exclusive, boutique hotel, Windhoek, Namibia:

Or single piece of art.

Beach House life+style : Photo:

I have a metal hanging shelf. 
It may be staying or it may be replaced by a bamboo one. 

Vtg Wood Bamboo Rattan Wall Mount Display Hanging Shelf Bathroom Storage Rack:

The walls are white. Staying white.

The  Master bathroom ceiling is already a very pale turquoisey blue. It's a Lowcountry thing. And it's staying.
This room. The ceiling is only part of the fabulousness!

Every beach house should have a sky blue ceiling.  Full home in our newest issue, #OnStandsNow. (: James Merrell | Design: @toddaromano) #instadesign #homedecor:

We have shower doors.
 They are staying but I hope a shower curtain is coming to hide them.

Green Fronds Shower Curtain:
(I think I could DIY a handpainted shower curtain. Palms. Or blue coral. Hmmm)

maybe banana leaves....

palm print bathroom.:

or classic white with a monogram is always. always fabulous.

Too bad I don't need a shower curtain in my house now but this would be an amazing ALWAYS SASSY idea for @Kristy Evans!:

So many possibilities.
And in the case of this long neglected bathroom, anything will be an improvement.

Be sure to check out all of the amazing design work taking place on all the other blogs by visiting Calling It Home Blog. 

All images via my Pinterest pages or photos taken by me!