Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge

 Such Inspiration.

I have had this image from One Kings Lane saved for ages. 
I love every.single.thing about this. 

South Shore Decorating Blog: 50 Favorites for Friday #229:

I want our Master Bathroom to feel like this one.
Coral in there somewhere.

Am I dreaming?
I mean I don't have fabulous marble floors. Or a claw foot tub. Or that view. Or room for a bamboo writing desk  I mean, somedays its amazing that two people manage to get teeth brushed at the same time in our space much less pen a note at a writing desk in the Master Bathroom :)

But I think we can aim for the "feeling" of this space.
And I'll keep hoping that someday I have a clawfoot tub and a beach view out the window!!

But so you can really appreciate the "after" that will happen on the 6th Thursday of this event here are a few sad and scary "befores:"

(bad iphone pics but honestly no photo enhancing app was gonna help this situation!)

I rolled up the rug weeks ago because... I can't remember why. 
Bamboo blinds found on sale. Paint. Drop cloth. Ready to go. 
That pile has been there a while. Sadly not ORC related. Just waiting.

 Faux bamboo china cabinet turned linen closet.
 It's dingy yellow-y cream but I have colorful plans for this gem.
It sat in a smoker's home before I got it so it took a week of treatments
 to get the smell out but it worked!! 

Whaaat?? You don't store your bamboo mirrors and homeless art in your garden tub?? 
And speaking of garden tubs - I hope this trend never comes back around.
 Oy!! The 80's called and wants their tub back!

Ok, that's enough scary for now even if it is Halloween month!

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I think we keep getting better at it!! 

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  1. Oh Marci I love your inspiration and of course the coral! WOW, the faux bamboo china cabinet is STUNNING! You have some great pieces to work with to make this master bath look fab! Let's do this!

    1. Thank you !!! That cabinet was the deal of the century!!

  2. You make me laugh, Marcie!!! Judging from your past challenges this is going to be amazing. You are the queen of finding the best faux bamboo pieces. I'll be stalking you!!! xo

  3. Your plans are exciting. Coral and green make for a beautiful tropical West Indies look. It's going to be great.

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to any improvement in that space!!

  4. Ha! Your bathroom before pics look like my hallway did before I cleared things out for the painters! Now I'm wondering where to put all my junk, since we have zero climate controlled storage. LOVE that bamboo China cab. It will be fun to see the afters!

    1. I hear you!! I'm trying to "purge" not just "shift" my stuff/junk but somehow more shoving into small openings and closing the door actually happens than junk leaving the house headed for a donation spot!! Good luck!