Monday, October 24, 2016

Have You Ever Noticed How You Don't Notice?

Have you ever noticed how you don't notice something and then all of a sudden you see that thing everywhere??

Well, I found this perfectly fabulous coral-y orange Chinoiserie lamp for the vanity counter in my One Room Challenge Master Bathroom makeover/freshen up!

At Goodwill. 
I do plan to remove the GW sticker before I use it ;)
It's chillin' in the foyer waiting for all the "messy parts" to be finished upstairs.

Lady in waiting. @oneroomchallenge lamp hanging out in the foyer until move in day! It's the Minnie Pearl #chinoiserie lamp. I will remove the GW price tag. Promise.:

And then I was looking through all of the "invited" Big Deal designers 

on the Calling It Home blog and I saw a post on Pencil and Paper Blog called "Picture Perfect" and would you  look at the lamp in the first pic!!!

And I start every Saturday with Emily A Clark's Saturday Six on her blog and this week  #1 was this house tour with that lamp!!

And then I was looking waaaay back on Jamie Meares blog (cause I love to read her blog!!), I Suwanee, and I saw this picture of her mom's guest room. Look at those orangey, coral-y Chinoiserie lamps!! A pair!!!!


I loved my lamp at first sight but now I feel like we are in good design company!

If your GW doesn't offer one up like mine did
 here is a gorgeous one from Scully and Scully:
Orange Dragon Temple Jar Lamp

It's about $366.32 more than my thrift store score but it's a beauty.


  1. At Goodwill?!!! How does that happen :( So happy for you but so sad for me. I never find anything that good!!! You must be living right!!!

  2. Karin, I am constantly surprised by what I find at Goodwill around here. Lucky me for sure!!