Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall 2016 One Room Challenge - Week 3

I am scarily calm about this.
I'm not sure why.
Because the Master Bathroom is scarily a mess!!

The giant mirror is down and the 80's wallpaper is there for all to see. 
I shared how I feel about 80's wallpaper on my Instagram this week.
White paint headed that way!
 There is one of the fabulous thrifted bamboo mirrors temporarily propped on the counter so we can leave in the morning knowing we've brushed everything that should be brushed and I have both earrings in!

I did clear out the tub.
 Had to find a new storage spot for my bamboo mirror stash 
but we are doing some electrical and they were in the way of the ladder.

The cabinets are still gray.
 I should be more concerned about this. 
And the floor is covered in drywall dust which is luckily the color of our carpet.
 So there's that. 

I did spend some productive time looking at fabric to use in a shower curtain hack. 
I'm in love with several. 

Price might be the deciding factor, I'm sorry to say.

Waverly Chinoiserie Chintz:

And I worked on this mirror a bit.
 But not a lot :)

Waaaay to calm for the number of weeks left on this shindig!

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  1. That mirror is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all finished!!