Thursday, July 30, 2015

Celebrate!!! Cause We Have a Graduate!!

College Girl graduated over the weekend.
I guess we have to call her Graduate Girl now :)

It was a fun-filled weekend with friends and family.

She had her Chi Omega stole to wear and we had it monogrammed. 
(Again, I say, it's the South and a Sorority)
She had a cord in the UWG colors to represent her time 
as an Admissions Tour Guide and Ambassador.

( Mollie and Wolfie)

( She was Tour Guide of the Year!!)

But mostly, it's about the cap.
What you put on your cap says it all...

This cap speaks the truth.
Starbucks gift cards were the currency of her college life.

( Mollie's Chi O sister who is married and in NY joined us for the weekend of festivities.
It was fun for Molls to have Courtney home for the weekend!)

The ceremony was very nice - and not too long!
It started at 9 am which was crazy early since we had to leave home at 6 am but we made lunch reservations and were seated and starting a lovely lunch by 11:45. Not bad.

Then we headed home to prep for the Lowcountry Boil she requested for her party.
We had been planning and prepping for ages but due to crazy unforeseen circumstances we were waaaaay behind schedule.
My family swooped in and pitched in and we were ready for our shindig on Sunday evening!

We made a Cornhole game with the West Georgia mascot and shield on them.

We cleaned and painted our porch, did some yard work and then the fun began - decorating.
The UWG colors are red and blue and our graduation party was a couple of weeks after July 4th so we scooped up a lot of great red and blue decor on clearance!

I was having so much fun at our party that I forgot to take very many pictures
 and the ones I did take are not very good :(  Oops!

I should have taken better pictures but the hanging photo board was a hit!! We suspended it over the table so it could be viewed from both sides. I printed 91 pictures that gave an overview of Molls college experience. I printed them in black and white except for the ones where she was in school colors and then I printed those in full color. It was fun. 
I also printed a picture from the first day of preschool and kindergarten.

Mollie wanted traditional Southern desserts with her LowCountry Boil - 
Banana Pudding and Key Lime Pie. 
Neither one of those holds up or serves well to a large group in the 95 plus degree weather we've been having. So we bought these adorable little canning jars that do not have any writing on the sides and layered the desserts into them. Then once they were sealed they could be thrown into a cooler or galvanized tub full of ice.
 Everyone loved them. 
I made little signs with directions, the menu, etc. on them. 
I used cardboard and stood them in buckets and old cans we saved.

We had a Sangria Bar which was a ton of fun and I took not one single picture of - Gah!!
My mom bought the cute jars that sit either upright or tilt to one side - like old fashioned candy jars and we cut up the fruit and put in those. We set that on a chill platter insert I had.We put out red wine and a cooler of white and ice and everyone created their own concoction. Very refreshing!

 We put the "glasses" which were mason jars upside down in this metal tub.

(With The Grands as she calls them)

With her cousin, who graduated this week too :)

  We just hung out and devoured 20 pounds of shrimp and fixins!!

( Brook was so busy eating he couldn't pose for a pic!!)

Mollie nannied this little cutie for a couple of Summers!!

Sorority Sisters - the one closest in the pic is Mollie's Big!!

LCB and friends and family relaxing and chatting - 
that's how we do Graduation in the South!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wanderlust, cont.

This is virtual wanderlust.
At it's best, I believe.
I have always wanted to travel,
for as long as I can remember, anywhere.
 I don't care, really.
Last week I had another great mission trip experience. Right here in good ol' Georgia.
We built an amazing wheelchair ramp and did a lot of clean-up and yard work.
 But the heat index was over 100. Yikes.
So now to relax I am dreaming of places that look like this.
I "pin" them to my " Take Me There" board on Pinterest.
Tulum Mexico Hut
I don't want to visit.
I want to move in.
And on Friday nights,
after a long week of lounging in my hammock,
I'll walk here and 'relax.'
Hartwood Tulum Restaurant
 via My Domaine