Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wanderlust, cont.

This is virtual wanderlust.
At it's best, I believe.
I have always wanted to travel,
for as long as I can remember, anywhere.
 I don't care, really.
Last week I had another great mission trip experience. Right here in good ol' Georgia.
We built an amazing wheelchair ramp and did a lot of clean-up and yard work.
 But the heat index was over 100. Yikes.
So now to relax I am dreaming of places that look like this.
I "pin" them to my " Take Me There" board on Pinterest.
Tulum Mexico Hut
I don't want to visit.
I want to move in.
And on Friday nights,
after a long week of lounging in my hammock,
I'll walk here and 'relax.'
Hartwood Tulum Restaurant
 via My Domaine

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