Thursday, December 3, 2015

From My iphone...

1.Every year Trader Joe's has beautiful, full boxwood wreaths for $9.99. 
They are the deal of the season and usually sell out in a day or so.
They are lush and green. And smell so good.

I hung one up on our French door in the family room last Christmas.
 It dried out perfectly and rarely shed. I left it.
Last week I bought a new one so I took the dried one outside and sprayed it gold. 
That's some serious bang for the buck!
Now.... where to hang it?

2. We went to Charleston for Thanksgiving.
 If you follow me on Instagram then you are probably on Lowcountry picture overload.

But every sunrise and sunset was beautiful.
We just sat on our deck or the walkway through the dunes and soaked up the view
 and the 70 degree sunshine!

3. I shared a few weeks ago that my hair had gotten really long - finally.
(Also, I stink at taking selfies. And I'm really self conscious in them!)

I went to the salon Mollie uses - she said I hadn't had a haircut in years and I needed a really good one :)
The hairdresser, Lauren, was great about following the hair donation "rules" and gave me the full salon treatment and a cute long bob that I love.
When I got to the front desk at Challise and Company in Marietta they said it was comped because I donated my hair. They let me tip Lauren but that was it!! 
How awesome is that?!!
I'm definitely going back when I need a trim!

4. My view every morning this week before I leave the house. 
I'm on a ladder painting again.

I get up early. Paint. Shower. Go on with my day.
If only the job was finished when the paint bucket is empty.
More on this later.

5. We had some major thrifting success in the Lowcountry last week. 

Not pictured but artfully packed into the back of the car were 2 vintage bamboo mirrors
 ( matching mirrors, even!!!!), 2 lamps - one a brass pineapple lamp, and two coolers full of shrimp straight off the boats in McClellanville. Oh and the trunk had stuff "stuffed" in it :)
We had to get pretty creative when we added our luggage!!

6. I took a screen shot of this post from Chez V's IG.
She was one of my ORC inspirations and I love her feed and blog.

She found this inspiration pic and said she was going to try and duplicate it. 
Meanwhile, I actually stumbled on a tutorial for this on a new to me blog, Good Life of Design.  I'll be doing good to get a regular old wreath on the door this year :)

That's it. 
I hope my next post has something to do 
with how my house is clean and decorated for Christmas!

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