Monday, November 30, 2015

The Assignment Should You Choose To Accept It...

... is to stick to the statement I made a couple of weeks ago:

I said, out loud, where people could hear it,
 " I'm not buying anything for Christmas decorating this year except lights
 and the live tree and/or greenery."

Would you ever guess that this photo was taken in August? Greenery from The Magnolia Company
(And an unrelated thought, "Oh how I wish I could whitewash my brick!)

I said it. And I mean it. 

(probably won't need quite this many lights!)

A Winter's Evening...  #whitechristmaslights:

I've been simplifying Christmas for the last couple of years but this year we are using what we have or our noodles to come up with something that doesn't require a trip to the store.

Greenery and ornaments Christmas tree panel.

I have donated a lot of Christmas decor the last few years but I still have too. much. stuff.
I'm not being Scrooge-y. 
I love the season but I want to focus on that 
and not get to wrapped up in overdoing the decor. 
Tall orders for me.
 I have been known to repaint a whole room in a day or two 
at the beginning of December in order to decorate it for Christmas. 

So I guess after making that  bold statement above
 I'm going to have to DIY some of these:

Chinoiserie Ornaments - Set of 3
Blue and White Hand Painted Ornaments by Dana Mahnke on Etsy Indigo Home

I also have not started decorating one. single. thing!
I know ... #gasp

I went to the beach for Thanksgiving 
and I've still got to refocus after all the seafood and glorious sunshine.

Some of us are having a hard time getting back to reality....
Image result for santa at the beach

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