Thursday, November 19, 2015

#motherdaughter One Room Challenge - the Details!

After the crazy pace of the ORC you would think we had settled down.
Not really. 
There's more excitement to come.
But first, a few deets on the Chinoiserie meets Boho bathroom. 
A few tips and comments on our part and confessing what didn't get done. 
( I have openly admitted that sometimes we get stalled at 85 to 90% finished and,
 well... there it sits!)

Again with the elephant in the room, The ORC room, that is.

This guy steals the show. We can't stop looking at him :)
 He was white before we took a can of our
 favorite gold spray paint and jazzed him up. 
I was cruising through TJMaxx on the way to the Ladies and spied him.
 I grabbed him and just stood there waiting for Mollie to see him!!! 
It was love at first sight- she immediately said, "Sprayed gold!!!! OMG!"
He was under $30.00. We had to have him!

I've had this garden stool since practically before Mollie was born.
 I remember snagging it at a yard sale for $5.00.
It got a coat of our favorite gold spray paint, too.
Which pulled the gold into the WC.

It's handy for books and refreshments during a long soak!!
Don't judge- she's over 21 and recently graduated!!
It's time for non-required reading!!

Both of the shelves in the room are painted lavender! Where did that color come from??

(The cornice boards were constructed form luan paneling. Very simple and easy to make.)
If you look closely at the Neo Toile on the cornice boards over both windows 
you will notice there is, in fact, lavender in this colorway. 
Mollie spotted it and wanted to pull it out.
We tried a step down on the color strip and it made our crisp, white walls look dingy. 
Color can be weird in certain lighting so we amped it up a bit and she loves it!!
I think it gives a young, vibrant edge to the room. 
It rained non-stop so Mollie had to paint the new color with a brush!! Not the easiest.
The cornice boards were constructed form luan paneling. Very simple and easy to make.

We either thrifted or shopped the house for 90% of the accessories we styled the room with.
 She is using the white cookie jar for cotton balls and all the blue and white 
for other bathroom needs like q-tips, etc. 

The elephant on the top shelf is a Christmas ornament from Target that we snipped the hanger off of and the gold ring dish on the bottom shelf came form Target as well. 
The wooden owl is a souvenir from her travels.
And a friend of mine let me go to the back room of their commercial greenhouse 
and get a Christmas cactus because they weren't out quite yet.
 Thank you Kelli Green.
Now they are in every grocery and home improvement store in town.

I've already told you about  the capiz shell chandeliers but the drum shade on the fan in the WC was a late night project the night before the reveal. It was on the design board from
 Day 1 but it kept losing its place in line. 
I used an IKEA lampshade and it was super simple!
Cause it's flat!!!! And then it snaps on the rings!!

And I made it work on the fan housing using my new trick. It's amazing.

The jewelry chest was an absolute steal at Goodwill for $20.00
Mollie had been worrying about organizing her jewelry at home 
and this is a favorite element in the room. 
It's missing one knob. And we still haven't fixed that. We will. #oops

The bamboo blinds are by Bali. 
And holy smokes bamboo blinds have gotten pricey. 
We had them in our first two homes ( and I loved them) because they were a cheap way to cover a lot of windows.
 No more. 
But I found the exact size we needed at a place called Ollie's. 
I had never heard of them but they came through for under $10.00!!

The rugs are Mollie's. 
She kind of collects them. 
And buy that I mean she buys them excessively when she finds them for a good price :)
They are called Chindi Rugs.
I must confess I have several too.
 They are colorful rag rugs and they add an edgy touch to the room. And great texture.

And I didn't quite finish the shower curtain. 
It is hemmed top and bottom but the sides are just tucked under for the reveal photos :(
I have never sewn so much fabric in my life. Ever.
Anyway. I wasn't sure if we were going to leave it that full because it was so heavy and has a mind of it's own but Mollie loves it as is. 
I just need to hem the sides and then get a new hanging sitch figured out.
 It is waaaaaay too heavy for the common tension shower curtain rod. 
It was only up for pictures.

The gallery wall will continue to evolve I'm sure.
 We hung that Paris map just a day or two before all the sad events there. 
It's a souvenir of our trip to France last year.
The metal art is from Haiti and the photo is of Mollie and her little favorites in Honduras.
And another thing that didn't happen was monogrammed towels. 
I wanted to have towels monogrammed in a bamboo font as a surprise.
 Instead, our sweet Chloe ran up some maj vet bills. Christmas maybe?
I threw a monogram up on the gallery wall to make me feel better :)
The lino print is from a favorite SC artist, Stacy Bradley of PerlaAnne.

I also had planned to change her faucets out. They are the original "builder" issue. Neither Craigslist or Restore offered up any new/overstock fixtures so we are waiting. We aren't looking for anything fancy but,  again, vet bills.

Our white wall, trim and floor paint is the same white from Sherwin Williams.
The lavender paint is Sherwin Williams Awesome Violet. It's awesome.
I've already mentioned the cabinet paint. 

That's about it. 
We painted, thrifted, found some crazy good bargains and used pretty fabulous fabrics.
And Mollie loves it. 

We definitely got this ORC more pulled together than my first one,
but I still love it and hope to put some finishing touches on it someday.

What room shall we do for our third ORC???

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