Thursday, November 5, 2015

#motherdaughterorc Week 5

Where to start??
We've had progress on this #motherdaughterorc
 and a few bumps, too, but we have had fun and
 we love everything that we have actually pulled together.
 So that's a big check in the yes column!!

That light fixture was a breeze to install and went so much quicker than we planned.

But oh my. We love them!!

(At night. So glamorous!)
( Except for the tag we haven't removed yet. Dang, For a moment  I thought we were glamorous!)

I had mentioned my obsession with this lighting ( I knew Mollie would looooove them!),
my mad dash to downtown Atlanta to grab the only two to be found in the state 
( #notexxageratingeither),
and the incredible price - there was a sale, a coupon and another markdown
 so I got these two lapiz shell chandys for .... wait for it... $14.99 
( plus gas and what I spent at Chic Fil A in Buckhead!)
Nice doin' bizness with you World Market!!

Which I guess is a good thing because my handy husband thought
 they were a bugger to install.
( You'll notice light number two is "in progress")

Then I sprayed two shelf units in the color we chose and thought would be fabulous and 
They do not work.
 I literally painted them on the only dry day we've had in forever. 
So now if the rain will hold off we will go a step darker.
 We were going for subtle but they were just washed out and blah.
 Especially at night.
Oh well. 

And then we were pondering what to do about hardware on the vanity cabinet.
Which is painted and we love the deep rich color.

 Porpoise by Sherwin Williams.

And the stripes on the floor are gone. White paint. Blank slate.

Anyway back to knobs. Mollie loves agates. Not an option at $20.00 and more per knob.
Then, thank you insomnia. 
Late night googling brought us a box of agate knobs for the rock bottom 
(Sorry, bad pun.)
price of $1.50 each, including shipping.

The last chance clearance and sale at... again, World Market.
So I ordered those suckers at 2 a.m. and surprised Mollie with agate knobs. 
They look like a million bucks.

So some good and some do overs this week. 
We have a long way to go but we are loving it.
Hopefully we are ready and photographed by next Thursday.
( Somebody posted last week  on one of the ORC links that they were styling 
and about to have a photo shoot. 
At that time I was still spackling. Get real!
 All ORC participants were not created equal!!)

And we have to take frequent breaks to love on our sweet Chloe 
who is one sick puppy and had a long day at the vet yesterday.

Get Well Chloe!


  1. Love the light fixture and hardware! Light fixtures are SO hard to install, hence why I hired an electrician this ORC round instead of getting into a huge fight with my husband! Can't wait to see the big reveal! Let's do this! XOXO, Sarah

    1. So funny. He did them while I was gone and just reported back how annoying they were so marital stress averted!! But good for you getting a professional in there!! And I'll be looking at your reveal first thing next week!! can't wait.

  2. The lighting os gorgeous! Can't wait to see the final!

    1. Thank you. We are a bit too obsessed with them :)

  3. You are doing a beautiful job and I love the way you share your story! Very fun!

    1. Thank you. That is so sweet of you. We are really kind of crazy around here most of the time so I'm trying to tell it like it is :)