Saturday, November 7, 2015


"White is always a good choice" is one of my most frequently used hash tags 
on my beloved Instagram
Is there a way to track that?
I don't know but I do know that white is the best.

BLUE AND WHITE GET-AWAY - Mark D. Sikes: Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things:
via Mark D. Sikes
( Who wouldn't want to hang out in that room?)

I have taught children in a variety of venues for many years and 
when they would ask my favorite color 
(And BTW, don't you love that this is one of the "get to know you" questions kids ask? Maybe we should do that as adults. Their questions are better than ours!)

I have said the same thing for decades, "WHITE!!" 
Sometimes they are perplexed and really think about it and sometimes they say that white isn't a color and I can't pick it.

I don't know if there are "favorite color" rules or who is the "favorite color" police 
but I think white is always right and now it's getting it's moment in the decorating sun!!
White is a color of the year!!!

Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55 ben Eggshell
Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

I love white.
My car is white. The only request when my husband left to buy it? #whiteplease
In the Summer if I don't have on Toms then I'm wearing white leather Keds. 
( My mom sends me two pair every Mother's Day. Thanks Mom!)

Mollie bought a pair of white leather Converse. I'm now dying for a pair! 

( Knee deep in the mud in Honduras in my white keds!!)

I wear a white turtleneck constantly during the Winter.

( Audrey rocked the white turtleneck)

I have a white picket fence and white Adirondack furniture on my porch. 
White wicker, too. 

I only use white candles in my home.
Image result for bath and body works winter candle
My current favorite at Bath and Body works. Fresh and spicy!!
I'll burn this until Spring.

I love Vanilla, even!!! 

Image result for gourmet vanilla bean desserts
Madagascar Vanilla Bean Souffle  - tell me that doesn't look amazing!

People often comment on how much they love all the color in our home.
I think it's because white is the backdrop.
We used to have lots of colorful walls (my kitchen was red for years and we loved it but about 8 years ago I went in the basement and grabbed a can of white paint we had and spent hours covering that red with white. Literally days on a ladder.
 For a while we had a pink glow coming from under the white.) 
And I haven't looked back. 
White is still the wall color in there.
And many other walls now, too.
 It has presided longer than any other choice (except one). 

And then off I went. Slathering gallons of white paint everywhere. 
Image result for sherwin williams white paint chart
And using any and every color I want in the artwork and fabrics in our home.
I think white walls give me decorating decision freedom :)

It's classic.

Tour the Sumptuous Home of Bunny Williams and John Rosselli – One Kings Lane — Our Style Blog:
(Bunny and John's place. I'm ready to move in.)

It's clean and coastal (and I'm a beachy girl.)

Beach House Decor - Beachy Decorating Style:

12 Signs You're Meant To Have A Beach House

Finally a test I can score really high on!! Click on the link above and see if we should be neighbors!!

I love white
 but sometime soon I'll show you the one room in our home
 that is about as far from white as you can get.

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