Friday, December 4, 2015

The Favorites of Christmases Past.

As mentioned previously I haven't done a thing toward Christmas decorating.
Actually that's not completely true.
I have looked at all the blog tours of already decorated homes.

Does decorating the dog count??

But in years past I have been spot on

and accomplished Christmas décor greatness 
 (ok, at least gotten the tree up - with lights!) in a timely manner.

I also used to make cute Christmas projects and share the DIY!
Let's remember fondly and revisit my top Christmas posts.
In case you,too, are #seekingmajormotivation.
They are all simple and easy I can assure you!

This guy is and has been my number one blog post "view"
and my number one "pin" on Pinterest!

This paint stick project of the Three Wisemen
is also a top post.
It is practically a "free" green craft.

This simple outdoor Nativity that I first did with children
waaaaay back in 2011 is still a top 10 post year round.
It is made with concrete landscape pavers.
 Mine still looks like it did when I painted it four years ago!
(And we do use it outside)

A little more involved but a keeper from year to year-

is this Advent Candle Wreath made from terra cotta pots.
I made it with groups of children for a few years in a row so we painted the pots and made candles and "flames" from TP rolls and tissue paper. 
Many of their parents supervised its use and substituted real candles. 
It is equally pretty left in its natural terra cotta state and filled in with real greenery.
One of my  volunteer moms had her children craft them for their grandparents one year and it was a HUGE hit!

And I have a bunch of Snowman projects
 but this one is the second most viewed post of all time.

Snowman in a Baggie!!!
It was a simple idea I cooked up for a school party activity and it is still being used year after year.
So easy and inexpensive but everyone loves to make him and then squish that nose around!

If you are looking for more projects then check the archives!
I have several Nativity projects, more snowmen and some burlap and painted canvas projects that are 'oldies but goodies."

And maybe I'll be back soon with some actual Christmas decorating pictures -
from my actual house!!!


  1. Nothing at my house either.....just can't get motivated!

    1. :) Sherry! I got a little "swag on" today. I posted my front door greenery swag on IG this morning. At least from the front it doesn't look like the Grinch and Scrooge are co-habitating at our house!!! Good luck.

  2. So many adorable projects. Love the outdoor nativity and going to try the Three Wisemen today!!

    1. Thank you!! The paintstick Wisemen are a fun project. A few years ago all of the children at church made two sets and left one at church to decorate the big tree in the family life center. It was such a fun tree!!