Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Room Challenge Week #Oh No!!!!!

What I have to report this week is
I was going to title this post Bupkis but figured it was a blogging no-no
 to be so negative up front.
I do love this word.
 It means nothing at all and it is the perfect word for this week.
 Running around like a nutso and I got bupkis to show you.

( These are blooming right now in Atlanta. Color inspiration)
I've done what I can around the craziness that has come out of nowhere this week
but I don't really have anything  very picture worthy.
Linda, the organizer at Calling It Home blog provides a loose guide of ideas
for each weeks' blog content.
This week is:
Thursday, April 30th (week 5) - Did you revise your plan? Hang in there, you can do it. 
So have I revised my plan??
 I love my number one inspiration room as much as I did the first time I saw it.
But I have revised my plan.
I'm planning to win the lottery and have Sig Bergamin fly up from the beaches of Brazil and be my decorator.
Or just move in with India Hicks on her fab island and let her do the decorating!
Seriously though, this ORC has been a great experience. I have learned a lot.
Number One??? Have the room mucked out before you ever post the first post.
It has taken much longer to clean out the room and paint than one could ever imagine. There are seven days left and the bed that started this whole thing is still downstairs leaning up in the Library for Pete's sake!!

And I have really enjoyed looking at inspiration rooms
and analyzing what makes the room so appealing to me.
What I can take from it and what is just not me, for whatever reason.

And the best part is seeing what everyone else has going on.
It makes Wednesday and Thursday mornings pretty exciting.
Not everyone has BUPKIS to report!!

PS. I plan to make stellar progress this week so follow along on Instagram, my fave!


  1. I don't yhink I've ever heard this word before, but it sure does sound fun. I'll have to add it to the vocabulary.