Thursday, April 23, 2015

ORC Week 4 - Getting It White

This is my first One Room Challenge
and I'm really trying to get it right.... and white!!
I mean, all I did last week was make a tray.
And while it received lovely comments,
we are at Week 4 which means there are only  two more posts.
That's it.
 The BIG REVEAL is on week 6.
I've thought a lot about this 6 week deal and how the clock is ticking and that I may have been slightly delusional when I decided to do this ORC and then I decided to think philosophically about this process and I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed time to PANIC!!!!
Back to getting it white...
I am using my favorite white paint.
And thank goodness for really good Sherwin Williams paint
 because covering this green has been a pain.
My 'I'll paint this room in a few hours on Saturday because it is small after all' has turned into "If you need me I'm in this claustrophobic room on a ladder rolling paint and rolling paint and... rolling paint.

One plus to this whole process has been that everything is getting a coat of the exact same white.
Trim and all.
 Not having to paint trim a different color and cut in all of those edges on the wall will make you feel completely differently about trim.
However it is hard to understand why it's taking so doggone long to paint one little room one color.
Another question is why I always paint in extremes... you know- white over bright green or tan over glossy red walls. Black over pale peach. The kind of changes that seem to take extra coats.
 This is my painting MO.
I guess when I am ready for a change I want it to be a big one.
Can you tell I have spent waaaaay too much time on a ladder rolling paint?
 Our focus was shifted for a bit - College Girl came home last week to "hide out" from distractions at school and write her 20 page Senior Thesis, another paper/final exam and a 10 essay question test.
( Taken in the middle of the night, one of the 5 nights this went on... Thank goodness for Keurigs!!)
 Oh my gosh!!
And there were computer issues that resulted in her Mac crashing 1 hour after her Senior Thesis was submitted so this is my way of telling you that this ORC has been interrupted by:
Drama! Drama! Drama!
Please tell me you know that scene from the movie:
Image result for how to lose a guy in 10 days movie quotes
We use this sound bite alllllll the time!!
But despite the drama, a lot of painting ( not all, unfortunately) has been accomplished. I have painted one lamp of two for the dresser in that room and that dresser has been moved to the window wall which is it's new home.

( I put the infamous tray on it! LOL)
I have curtains and a curtain rod which is going to undergo some DIY experimentation... 
 we shall see!
 I'm going to use the word "faux" on this project
and that will glam it up a bit if the results are questionable.
I have put out an SOS for anyone in ATL who may have seen wicker shades like these. I have accumulated 3 over the years. Not a one matches another. Nada. And I need a pair.
And I saw these at IKEA today:
Is that green fabulous, or what??
I have a chair I could paint that fabulous green
 but I've actually been leaning toward a green like this for the mirror
that will probably be coming in to the room.
I'm still up in the air on the shape of it and the back of the bed.
I have pulled some fabrics from my stash
 and gathered a few samples for some pillows for the daybed.
Some pretty fabulous pops of color going on with these.
 Up until now I've either shown white paint or dark wood but the pop of color is coming!!

And no matter how far I get or how this room ends up looking in 2 more weeks, I'm enjoying seeing the other Linking Participants projects and all the encouraging comments so far!!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Marty!! The fabric part is definitely more fun than the rolling white paint part!!

  2. Your fabric swatches are fantastic! PLEASE share the resources. I love the blue Ikat & I'm not even an "Ikat person"! Looking forward to your reveal!
    Your fellow participant,

  3. Love those fabrics. Great colors! Just think in two short weeks all that painting and painting and painting will be behind you and you'll have a lovely room to show for it!