Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Hunt Is On!!

I love all the Easter mantels, Spring décor and cute tablescapes for Easter dinner out there on blogs and Pinterest
but the truth is that I was lucky to get a
 bunny banner on the door.
I was just reading a favorite blog, The Pink Clutch,  and she commented
 that it's hard to think of things for Easter baskets once your kiddos get older.
It's true and the older they get the costlier their items are
and this is not Christmas or a birthday, after all.
 I also do not like to spend money on inexpensive, silly trinkets that don't serve any purpose other than to fill up a basket.
 But I do not want to stop filling a basket for CG either.
It's fun for both of us.
I'll head off to Sunrise Service and our early service and they will all join me at 11 o'clock service.
We'll "do" baskets when we get home.
So to get back on track. I responded to Paige at The Pink Clutch with the following.
 This was my "big kid" solution to the Easter goodies dilemma a few years ago
and it is a big hit (and gets them off their iphones) :

A few years ago, the 'children' in our regular Easter dinner get together group (no family in town) decided that they were in HS and college
and too old to participate in my traditional Egg Hunt.
Challenge taken.
 I filled plastic eggs with loose change that I collect in a jar
 and my car console and numbered slips of paper.
The numbered slips of paper corresponded to numbered
$5.00 and $10.00 gift cards to favorite places like
QT for gas, Target, Chi-Fil-A, of course, and Starbucks.
 They scrambled like we hadn't seen them move since they were little
and the adults laughed at their antics to find the eggs and collect the goods.
(College Girl counting up her "egg money" after a hunt a couple of years ago)
 Hard to say if they were happier about the change which added up or the gift cards.
 Here we are 4 years later
and the first thing they tell their dates and friends, who now come along on Easter, about 
 is the Egg Hunt.
 If the weather is great. then outside it is.
 If it is rainy then you can hide less eggs, avoid crazy running in the house and possible breakage of treasures and just give them a list with clues to find their 10 or 12 eggs.
 They can even be color coded if it's just your own kids.
They really love this as much or more than the goods in the basket!!
And it's pretty easy, too - change and a run to one place with lots of gift cards
 and a quick drive thru for tea, gift cards, and a salad for you for lunch at CFA!!
Happy Easter!!

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