Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Burlap and Bunnies

While the burlap and paints were still hanging around
 I made last week for a friends' Girls Night Out activity,
 I decided I should at least make an effort to put something on the front door that would give us a little Easter decor before it's too late.
So Burlap and Bunnies it is!
A quick outline on the burlap runner remnant.
 I just use a flat paintbrush about 1/2 inch wide and paint the shape.
I filled it in with a larger brush and then while the white was still wet,
 I gave the bunny pale pink insides of his ears and cheeks.
I love to paint leaping bunnies.
I sketched in some carrots at the bottom
 and started painting grass in multiple shades of green.
All very quick and simple.

I painted lots of blades of grass.
Then I used a Spouncer and added yellow polka dots all around the bunny.

I gave him a pink nose and a black dot for an eye.
After he dries I will erase the chalk outlines you can see around the carrots.
I'll use a sharpie to draw a few whiskers!
And it's on the front door -and it's not the day before!
Time to spare.
I didn't have a dowel rod long enough so I used a fairly straight branch from the yard.
 We've been pruning so plenty of branches on hand.
It was impossible to get a non- shadowy picture on the front door yesterday so I took one of it flat on my kitchen table so you can see the branch.
I just added a hanger from orange gingham ribbon.
 I had it on hand and it looks good against my SW Urbane Bronze front door.

So quick and easy with the hemmed burlap table runner.
Other than drying time this whole project takes less than an hour.
So, hop to it and get one made before Easter!!

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