Thursday, March 5, 2015

Everything I Need to Know... right here in black and white.
And I probably did learn it in Kindergarten!
Do you remember that book??
I posted a few glimpses of a our powder room redo last time.
It's still a work in progress- the whole fabric for the window thing
 and great indecision about hanging art ( which is weird for me because I used to hang walls and walls of art in a gallery and I usually just grab a hammer and go for it.
That's how I usually roll.
 Maybe it's maturity.
Or more likely the fact that it took a lot of hours
cooped up in that tiny room to get the walls just so.
No, let's go with maturity.)
This print has found a home in the powder room for sure and it kinda says it all.
Just be kind. Period.
I bought it in Charleston SC when we were there for our
annual Thanksgiving family get together in the best  place in the world.
 (I am biased but it's pretty awesome and I'm glad I get to say I was born there.
 I'd be even happier if I got to say I lived there!!)
We stay out at IOP and wander around the island and Sully's and College Girl and I do the majority of our Christmas shopping on King Street before Black Friday ever hits!
This was the second print I bought by this artist when I found her at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square on Saturday morning after Thanksgiving.
This is actually the first print I bought
 and I found it at an amazing shop on a little side street.
 The shop is called Candlefish.
 It's on Wentworth and if you visit Charleston be sure to wander all the side streets
because they are filled with fabulous shops and great homes and gardens.
But back to Candlefish. The shop is brilliant.
 I have said for years that someone should sell white candles that are scented in great scents - not just vanilla and white cotton.
 I only use white candles in my house and I don't actually like vanilla candles.
It has been hard to find great scents that aren't funky colors.
Enter Candlefish.
Go to their FB page to see a photo of their amazing candle wall
where you can sniff all of the yummy scents.
 We bought a combo with lavender in it but everything smelled amazing.
 I'm dying to go back and sniff out another favorite.
And they had these wonderful block prints by a lady named Stacey Bradley
who prints under the name of PerlaAnne Press on Etsy.
I follow her on Instagram so I can see the latest prints. ( I am IG addicted)
I couldn't leave without one.
I love black and white.
I love quotes and typography art.
I love to buy local art on trips.
The best souvenir in my opinion.
Saves you from wearing those t-shirts that say
"I went somewhere and all I got was this t-shirt."
Then when I found her three days later at the Charleston Farmer's Market I couldn't resist buying more.
 I bought this print for College Girl.
I have always loved the quote and she loves quote art, too.
It looks great in her apartment and
when I was there the other day we both said we would like another PerlaAnne print.
We're hooked.
I'm thinking about this one
and College Girl likes this one.
And there's a new ship in a bottle, gum pods and one of CG's favorite Marilyn quotes on IG.
You won't be able to choose just one!
Check out these Charleston favorites.*
* I do not personally know either of these artists
and have not received any incentive for this post.
I'm just sharing because their products are awesome!

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