Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Burlap Banners - Quick and Easy!

I know these are everywhere and there are tons of tutorials
but after I posted a picture on
I had a bunch of how-to questions and promised a tutorial.
These are so quick and easy.
Wow - that's blurry.
I bought a roll of burlap ribbon/table runner from Wal Mart. It was on an end cap.
It is 12 inches wide and has finished edges.
It was $5.97 and will make several.

I cut a length 21 inches long.
 I didn't measure but a friend texted me
and wanted to know the dimensions, so I measured.
I folded it in half and cut it at an angle.
 Think about it before you cut and make sure you are angled the right way!!
I mess up at least one bow every Christmas!!
I ended up with this 'pennant" shape.
You could leave it straight like I did on this one.

This was a scrap of burlap with frayed edges on all 4 sides.
It was drying here - the tape came off later.
Then I took a piece of chalk and lightly doodled a whimsical letter on the burlap.
Just work with it until you are happy with it.
The chalk lines will wipe right off later.
If freehanding and whimsical is a little outside your comfort zone
 then you can print off your letter in any font you like.
 Just enlarge, enlarge, enlarge until it's the right size
 and you can see right through the burlap to trace it with chalk.
Seriously that easy!
Tonight a friend hosted a Ladie's Night Out and I was the entertainment - LOL!!
They ate and chatted and created.
It was a relaxing, creative evening for all of them -11 total.
They had a great time!
( Two of them work together at a school and
 I think they are going to have this as a staff meeting!!
 A treat for hard working teachers.)


Then take a flat edged, fairly stiff bristled brush
 and trace the letter lightly in your paint color.
The brush I used was about 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

And then with either method just start painting the letter
 and filling it in until you are happy with it.
And then we used spouncers to add polka dots.

I put gold dots on my banner because it is headed for College Girl's front door.
 And she loves gold polka dots on burlap.
Then you can sew a rod pocket at the top and slide a dowel through
or glue a scrap of lattice across the top and then add a twine or ribbon hanger.
I didn't get that far tonight but I'll try to put a picture of the finished banner
on FB and IG so be sure to look for it in a day or so.
And not everyone painted their initial.
You can do anything you want on a burlap banner.
 These are so quick and easy (and inexpensive) that you can still make some for Easter gifts!!
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  1. That is such a fun project! It would be cute on my barren front door that hasn't seen any decor since Christmas. Or little monogrammed burlap banners for place settings at Easter. Hmmmm the possibilities! Thanks so much for sharing this at Best of the Nest! A great weekend craft.

    1. Love the idea of little monogrammed burlap banners at place settings at Easter. That made me think how cute that could be for Christmas Eve dinner since I won't make it in time for Easter and we don't sit down - our large group has to do buffet and plop where you wish!! You could add a little wreath or bow at Christmas!! Great idea!! I'm inspired!