Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Made a Tray! ORC Post #3 !!!

"I made a tray"
ranks right up there with
I carried a watermelon poster, dirty dancing poster, instant download, film quote poster
in lame statements
considering the awesomeness other ORC'ers are posting by Week 3!!

I probably should have chosen my front door area as my "room" and gone with this look:

Classic black and white, natural fiber baskets and those to die for monster plants!! What are they???
I want one!!! Or two!!
But you gotta go with whatcha got and that tray's a highlight this week.
I mentioned the yard sale at church last week.
 Someone dropped off a tub with miscellaneous items in it.
This heavy plastic rectangle was in there.
It has two or three small notches on one edge - I have no idea what it was and they probably just threw it in there because they hated to throw it away.
I don't know what it was but I knew what I was going to do with it!!
Knock off Lucite tray!!

I went to World Market and bought a roll of heavy, handmade gift wrap for $2.99.
It was perfect for this project.
It's very thick and made with fabric fibers.
 I had considered using fabric for this
because so many bloggers had complained about gift wrap wrinkling
 when they tried making these trays.
It took the whole roll - it's only about 22 x 28 inches and this tray is large.
I simply spread an even coat of Mod Podge over the back of the tray with a large brush and worked quickly. Then I put the paper on the wet MP and started smoothing. This is where the thick paper comes in handy. It was easy to smooth - no tearing.
The thickness helped it to lay flat. The paper is slightly textured and has some raised metallic areas. On the back you can see this slightly. It doesn't bother me. It looks perfect from the top. There were a couple of tiny scratches in the plastic tray/lid/whatever it is, but the busy paper hides that.
I can't even find them now.
All I have left to do is trim the edges with an exacto. You could cut your paper to size first but I was concerned about getting it lined on up the back before the MP dried so I chose this route.
Since I like trays, I now have one for the dresser in the 'challenge' room.
'Challenge' being the key word here.
It has been mucked out.
It is rainy and dreary here in Atlanta so the iPhone pictures are even grainier than usual.
And this room is not as Kiwi Green as it looks here.
But no matter. Painting has commenced.
( After the watermelon reference,
 I'll have to stream Dirty Dancing while painting this weekend.)
The lamps in the corner might just show up in this room after a paint job and new shades.
On the dresser with the fabulous tray!
The mirror is leaving but another one is coming.
It's dark wood but we might have to give it a pop of color.
We'll know more after the walls are white and the bed moves in.
I uncovered this rattan and wicker tray table I have had and never found a home for.
 It fits the inspiration "look" perfectly.
I hope it will be able to stay - this room is tiny!!

Hat rack leaving. Definitely leaving.
But here is the wall you see when you walk in -
 a large off- centered window and folding closet doors to the right.
I think it will all be less noticeable when everything is white.
The fabulous daybed is going on the wall opposite
the off-center window
 (can you tell it drives me nuts??)
 The window will not be perfectly centered with the bed which will be to the right of the doorway where I am standing but I am hoping to "fool the eye" a bit with long panels at the window and create the illusion of balance.
 Oy - we'll see. I've measured and done some math but you know how math can be!

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  1. Love the Dirty Dancing reference! I want that print for my office. Anyway, I think the tray looks great and that's more than I got done this week. Looking forward to seeing your progress next week!

  2. Measuring and doing the math is a good thing and you made a tray…such a great tray. Can't wait to see more in the room!! Happy weekend ~

    1. Thank you!! I'm hoping there is some stellar progress this weekend!! And I love your blog!!

  3. Your opening for this post is priceless! I do love that try though... cool wrapping paper.

    1. Thank you Erin!! World market for the win on wrapping paper -every time.

  4. What a fun tray to give your room a great lively burst of color! Good luck with all your final details this week! :) Thanks so much for sharing at Best of the Nest!