Friday, April 3, 2015

I Like Trays

Maybe too much.
Is there a rule on when to stop?
I have this one on my family room coffee table.
I like things grouped together.
And it makes it easy to move everything off the glass top at once
 for the many.many.many times I have to clean the glass top.
Vintage wicker found in one of my favorite places to look for great items at amazing prices. And the oval shape is nice.
 I've had this one for years but recently moved it here.
I like to keep India Hicks first book close at hand in case I need a "tropical fix"
 while I'm landlocked 5 hours inland.
This tray is wooden with a great scalloped edge.
Found at Goodwill in rough shape.
A coat of Sherwin Williams Lagoon which we fell in love with
 during one of CG's many moves.
A fantastic tortoiseshell bamboo tray.
The basket is from a trip to a mountain village in Honduras.
 It's made from pine needles and is remarkably like the pine needle baskets
 made in South Carolina.
The lighthouse is a model of one we saw in Hawaii and it lights up. Love it at night.
The lamp is a hand me down from my mom. Clear glass bamboo design. Love it.

Wicker yard sale find.
I cannot walk away from a tray.
A globe from my collection and my Eiffel Tower souvenir
from our trip to France last Fall.
(Yes, we were those American tourists buying Eiffel Tower souvenirs right and left.)

On the kitchen island.
On the kitchen table.
This is actually a huge porcelain pasta platter
 that doesn't fit in any of our kitchen cabinets.
 It's that big.
 We use it when my husband makes his locally famous shrimp scampi
and it fills the platter to overflowing and feeds many!!
In between it has become a tray!

 And this grainy photo below was taken in poor light with my iPhone.
I bought the snapdragons at Wal Mart a few days ago because they were coral colored,
they remind me of the windowboxes in Charleston
 and because I feel bad for flowers that have been cleareanced and no one wants -
 sort of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Syndrome.
The blue and white pot came from Goodwill and they are sitting on an oval silver tray
 on my beloved Craigslist bamboo shelves.
 It was such a grainy shot that I decided to give my Waterlogue app a try.
 It turned out like this and I posted it on my Instagram
and it got a lot of IG love.
That's a lot of trays.
I hope it's not overkill.
Because I have more!!
Do you like to organize your life on trays, too?

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