Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

 I never got it together enough to even post something minimal
with "Christmas" or "tour" in it.

I love decorating for Christmas - one of the best parts in my book even though I have simplified considerably - and I am a bit sad I didn't do more but it's too late now :)

There were some major things going on a round here and something had to give.
One of those things "going on" was the first ever Live Drive Thru Nativity at church.

Getting the littlest shepherd ready!
( He was so excited and stayed out the whole time both nights. 
It was really cold Friday night so his Dad had to make him come in for a few minutes and warm up!)

And some angels!

 Driving up to the main scene.

Inside the stable.
We had two "sets" of Mary, Joseph and the Angel so they could switch out - especially if it was cold. And it was so this worked well!!
This Joseph sent me a selfie from the stable and called it a portrait of the "First Family."
They are so funny!!

There was a steady stream of cars especially on Saturday night.
It was our first time so we had no idea what to expect.
The kids were so excited!

We Three Kings...

These little angels were more interested in the baby goat than they were in the baby Jesus!

 We wish you a
Merry Christmas
and a  
Blessed New Year!
*If you are considering hosting a Drive Thru Nativity or similar event
 and have any questions, please ask!!
 For first timers it went quite smoothly and I'm happy to share what we learned!

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