Monday, December 28, 2015

Snippets of the Holiday Past

As I said before we didn't get much decorating done around here, I missed it ( not as much now that clean up will take no time at all!!), but we still had a wonderful Christmas filled with activities, family fun, candlelight service and too much good food. 

I did want to post a couple of pictures so that we, at least, have a visual reminder of the things we did do and liked :)
(I have referred back to my blog more than once to jog my memory!)

We got a beautiful big live tree.

Mollie wanted some of the awesome stars from Target so I bought a couple
and we used one on the tree.

And as stated before in a previous post, 
we only bought lights and a live tree/greenery this year.
The gold foil stars at Target were our only slip up. But Mollie wants them for year round use so technically they weren't a Christmas impulse buy.

(Please excuse the bag of gift wrap in the corner and the wonky cord)

Anyway, we all loved these vintage-looking, large colored bulbs.
 They are just like the ones my mom used to put around our front door!! 
I'm usually a white light girl but these were so nostalgic that we bought a few strands and draped them haphazardly around the kitchen.
They were so fun!!

So it was a minimal, colorful Christmas! 

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