Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pink Chinoiserie!

For Valentine's Day!

I had a scrap of birch plywood on the porch
 and I had not put anything on my front door since the Christmas decorations came down

So I cut out a big, fat heart.

I put a quick primer coat of white paint on it.
And then I grabbed some pink paint.
A little bit of quick sketching.

And then I just quickly painted some images
 from my favorite blue and white dishes that I have around the house.

 It was a lot of fun.
 You just need one color of paint and some white paint. 
That's it!
I used Sherwin Williams Eros (deep pink.) 

I wanted to freshen things up a bit. It's been so gray lately.

And Mollie has a friend coming to stay for the weekend. 
A group of them are going out to celebrate "Singles Awareness Day" this weekend. 
The name for February 14th if you are unattached :)

I had the perfect pink Greek Key ribbon!
A quick bow and on the front door it goes!

Nothing says "hello" like a pink Chinoiserie heart
 and some sunshine!

This was a quick and easy project. 
And since I have wanted to make blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas ornaments for literally two years
 I'm feeling pretty accomplished to get this painted 
and show the front door some love!!


  1. YOU ARE AN ARTIST ! It is beautiful .

  2. YOU ARE AN ARTIST ! It is beautiful .

    1. Thank you Diane!! It was actually very quick and easy!

  3. Love the banner you made! You made it so perfectly. Thanks for sharing the tutorial here. I will definitely try it at home. Hey, lately I have been seeking some birthday party theme ideas. Actually I need the ideas for my daughter’s 16thbirthday celebrations. Please help friends!! Also suggest some grand party venues that are affordable too!