Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Not Your Grandma's Botanical Prints!

I am loving this image from the Frontgate Catalog and website.

Like obsessed.

I mean seriously. The whole image is a.maz.ing.
What a great inspiration shot.

There's that big, fat juicy pineapple botanical in the center. 
What's not to love?
And then palm trees. 
I'm all in. 
And then pretty flowers and tropical birds??

This is such an updated spin on the whole botanical print thing.
I'm from/in the South and botanical prints have long been a part of what hangs on our walls.
In my family - for generations.
But they were usually matted and in a wide gold frame. 
 Nothing wrong with that.
But these are so vibrant and colorful.

And a little more casual with the frame right around the edge.
This is making me think about some of my framed botanical prints stuffed in the closet. 
Might be time to take a second look! 

I actually have some vintage and thrifted bamboo frames that I have been wanting to put some botanical prints in - I have a palm tree print and a scientific print of coral I was considering but now...

Image result for vintage bamboo frames 
(similar to this Google image and some in gold, too!)

I'm looking at something a little more vibrant and tropical!

Vintage 1970 Color Art Print Wild Flowers Book PLATE 115 Beautiful Large Green Tropical Fruit Orchid Pink Flowers Tree Branches

The images are from a fun Etsy shop!

Bird Print Audubon Vintage 1979 Spoonbill Birds of America Art Collectable Book PLATE 20 Roseate Spoonbill Beautiful Pink Birf Lake Nature

That's just bananas!

Musa paradisiaca L. - Plantain RedoutĂ©, P.J., Les LiliacĂ©es, vol. 8: t. 444 (1805-1816) [Redoute]:

Pineapple Ceriman Sour Sop & Cherimoya Tropical Fruit Flower Chart Food Botanical Lithograph Illustration For Your Vintage Kitchen 97

Coconut Palm Tree Tropical Fruit Chart Food Botanical Lithograph Illustration For Your Vintage Kitchen 19

I can't stop "googling" tropical botanical prints!

Thank you, Frontgate!


  1. What a gorgeous inspiration image and I love your botanicals...such fun colors! Hope you're having a great week!

  2. That Frongate cover is blowing up Instagram this week, it is a GREAT shot! Love the images you posted, thank you for sharing your source. ;)

    1. It is everywhere for sure - it's such a beautiful shot! All that color. I can't stop looking at all the images those sources have to offer!

  3. With your luck... you can stop by your 2nd hand store(or your hubby) and find these at 20 prints for a dollar.
    No, no, I'm not jealous.

    1. You are so funny!! I did take a quick look through the framed prints today ;) at GW!!