Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I Love Mushroom.

I love mushrooms.
The color. The veggie.
All good.

The color is popping up in all the "trends for 2017" articles. 
I love to read those even though I don't consider myself  "trendy" or a "trendfollower"
They are good for inspiration and if I've used a color, material or "look" they forecast 
then I feel all smug and happy and tell myself
 I was "ahead" of the trend.

I pinned this the other day.
From Country Living's website.

Fresh Paint:
'Cause we were snowed/iced in here in Atlanta for 3 days 
and I went "pinning" crazy with my extra time :)

I'm good with this forecast because ... you guessed it... 
mushroomy colors are already in my home decor.

I have a Sherwin Williams 'strip' that I use in my house. I've talked about this somewhere before on the blog but now that I'm "on trend" we are going to go there again.

My "strip" is the one on the far left.
 Shoji White to Urbane Bronze.
Very mushroom~y.
(They look a bit grayer in this pic but get a strip and look at it in your light. Mushroomy)

Image result for sherwin williams color chart with urbane bronze

There is a method to my "strip" madness.
Since I move things around in my house a lot 
(there are people living here who say I move things "toooo much")
using the variations off the same color strip makes my decor mix and match~able. 
Like Garanimals 

We painted Mollie's bathroom cabinets in SW Porpoise
 when we did our Mother~Daughter One Room Challenge

Not gray. Not taupe.
But a rich, deep mushroomy color.

And perfect with our bargain agate knobs we luckily found!

And the stripes in our downstairs powder room went from blue gray to white and mushroom (SW Amazing Gray a couple of years ago.)

Yes, the vanity cabinet is painted a color right off that same strip.
And the color looks good with bamboo which is a necessity in my home.

(Fun fact: I bought this shelf on a thrifting app on my phone last January
 during an ice/snow day  and had to wait for the "thaw" to go get it!!)

My front door is  painted Urbane Bronze.

Looks great on all the holidays!

You get the idea. I could go on.
Find yourself a mushroom~y strip and feel trendy this year!!
Paint something mushroomy. You will be happy.

 And on the edible mushroom front.
We love stuffed mushrooms of all kinds so I leave you with this:
This is the closest I can find to our family favorite stuffed mushrooms.


Make them. You will be happy.


  1. I love that heart that is on your front door!!!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I'm painting some little ones this year. They are in this post: http://madebymolliesmom.blogspot.com/2017/01/iphone-1172017.html

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