Thursday, April 6, 2017

One Room Challenge. One More Time. Half Time.

This will be my 5th ORC.

Four rooms greatly improved by this awesome event.

I have plenty of rooms that need ORC caliber attention.
But life is a tad nutty right now
and I'm going to be out of town 3 or so of the 6 weeks of this ORC
 so I'm going to go back and give my first ORC the finishing touches it truly needs.
Is she crazy?? Half the time??
Or maybe you are thinking  I'm lame
 to go back and tweak a room that has all the hard stuff already done.
But I just love the challenge of the ORC and don't want to miss out!

During my first ORC I underestimated my 5 week time frame,
spent too long mucking the junk out and painting the walls white

to really give it the final zhush it needs.
I talked about being an 85%-er when it comes to the final, final details
 and that was so true with this room.
So this is the 'before.'
We are starting where the I left off.

I still love my previous inspiration rooms but I also have a few new images that I'm inspired by.

Maybe I can tweak a few things in my "half the time ORC."

I love this pic from IG which is of the Caspari shop in Charlottesvillle, VA.

So maybe more pillow variety. Looser arrangement?
I love the orange chinoiserie on the bed. 
I love white bedding that I chose previously but this is fun!

And art.
I painted a large blue and white vase with coral in it the night before the reveal

(that's how things go sometimes) and it's the only art in there.
That's bananas!!

I feel like a big fabulous gallery wall around this armoire might be just the thing!
Lots of vintage and thrifted bamboo frames would make my day!

Remember this gallery wall?

I have this fabulous thrifted chair...

I block printed some fabric that became curtains in a #secretproject (still to be revealed)
so I might want to print some to use in this room
 (I must remember I only have 3 weeks to pull this off!)
And as always the game plan is more creativity than cash!

So follow along here and on my Instagram and see what I can pull off in my "half the time ORC!"

Thank you Linda for this event and all the inspiration and motivation it creates.


  1. I love this idea! I have a couple rooms from prior ORCs that I never fully finished and keep meaning to complete. It'll be exciting to see this room fully finished and how you've been picturing it. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Sam! I am excited to try and complete this room this time around! I hope it's not seen as an easy way out on this round!

  2. can't believe you will be gone for half the event. good luck! your other rooms look amazing!

    1. Thank you! We will see how it goes but I needed the motivation of the ORC to go back and "finish" my first ORC!!

  3. can't wait to see it come together and get to 100%! i am SO an 85-er, too!

    1. 85%~ers Unite!!! Let's fool 'em all and hit 90% this time!! Thank you and good luck!