Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Business in the front...

... party in the back!!!

That's the story around here. 
We had a Low Country Boil a couple of weeks ago when College Girl graduated.
It was all about the school colors - red and blue! Go West!!
( Excuse me while I post one more Proud Parent photo!!)

If you follow along on Instagram - my fave!
then you know we have been in Bridal Shower prep mode since then.

The Bride-to-be's colors are coral-y blush and pinks, gold and white. 
That's all I needed to know. 
I went to town spray painting frames, papier mache letters and signs in those colors!

That's a serious spread right there!!
Someone said they felt like they were in a Southern Living photo shoot - so cute!

(On a side note the sign above is not quite finished... I still have to paint flowers in those fab pinks and corals at the top before the wedding!! But we used it at the shower anyway!)

There is a blush and gold polka dot runner down the middle of the table under all that yummy food.
It's hidden but I did my old gift wrap runner trick!
And I made the tassels from plastic tablecloths late one night using directions from a Youtube video. It's addicting. I couldn't stop making them!

I had a lot of help with the food. 
The MOB made these adorable little carnation looking, bite-sized cupcakes for dessert. 
They're small so having 6 is like 1 serving of a regular sized cupcake, right? Right?

The bride loved the idea of a Mimosa Bar and who wouldn't??
A family friend offered to take care of that!! 
But who has 35 champagne flutes...

The Mother-of-the-Bride cleverly started picking them up at Goodwill and thrift stores
and they were lovely - some were quite nice and old.
 We each took a couple afterwards to use and remember the special day when we sip champagne!

( I used a gold Sharpie to create all of the signs!! That's right - Sharpie!!)

 All the little gold frames sprinkled around have Bridal Etiquette Tips 
from Emily Post's 1922 articles.
The times they are a changin'!!

The Bride-To-Be is a cutie!!

We filled the swinging bed with gifts.

And then we oohed and aahed and laughed while the BTB opened and opened her gifts.

( And there is a reason we have a huge pink crustacean hanging on the wall of our porch behind everyone - don't you? #itsagoodstory)

And by the time we ate all the delicious brunch treats, sipped mimosas, and admired all the gifts we were tuckered out...

It's not a party until someone falls asleep :)

And then we cleaned up all of our Bridal Brunch paraphernalia 
and set up for a party at 7 p.m. ... 
Another day, Another post - 2 big parties in one day!!


  1. WOw!!! what a beautiful party---love those colors and you did a great job on those signs, still can't believe those were done with gold Sharpies. I have to file that idea away. Is this your home? I love the color green on the floor. What paint color is that? Are you the mother of the groom? I have some catching up to do on your blog. Thanks so much for your sweet comments today on my post. I'm happy to be your latest follower. :)
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  2. Leslie, Thank you!! It is our home - we love our porch!! The floor is Sherwin Williams 6724 Mesculun Green. It has been a great floor color - almost like a neutral :) I use Talipot Palm off of this strip a lot as well. It's just a great green strip - not too blue and not too yellow! I'm a SW girl for the most part. The bride is our cousin and her mother is a good friend as well ( they are related on my husband's side but the Mother of the Bride and I say we choose to be good friends not just relatives!!) Thank you for your sweet comments about the blog. I have been reading back on yours as well and am loving it. I'm also very excited about your journey with yoga. My daughter loves yoga and does it quite often. I wish you luck!!! Marcie