Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Will Be Floored By This....

This is a little bit like airing my dirty laundry or something.
 Putting your dingy bathroom floor online is a bit personal, but here goes.

The "white" vinyl in CG's/The Hall/ The Guest bathroom had gotten yellowed and generally stained and disgusting. It was just dingy and no amount of cleaning was going to help. I had painted the walls white-white and that didn't help matters. I looked for gray and white flooring and didn't see a thing I liked. I mean, other than gray and white carrera marble tile. Not happening in a little used bathroom no matter how bad it actually looked. But I couldn't take the dingy floor any longer. So, paint to the rescue. ( I did some research and read a lot
of comments online that said whatever you do don't paint vinyl flooring and then I did it anyway. That's how I roll. Seriously- look at that gross floor. Could it actually be worse. Think not.)

I did two coats of Kilz Primer using a foam roller brush. CG wasn't going to be home for a few weeks so I let each coat dry overnight in hopes that it would help the durability. I usually rush drying times and then have to "fix" mistakes so this was extremely cautious for me.

Then I base coated the entire floor in this paint from Sherwin Williams. I love this paint. It is amazing. It doesn't smell great but I'll trade that for the durability and sheen. I used a foam roller and it was nice and smooth! PS. I do not get any compensation from Sherwin Williams - I just love their paints and I have used many brands in the past.

I did two coats so that I had good coverage.
It was a huge improvement just plain and white.

But I couldn't stop there. I pulled the trusty blue tape.

Then I had the same paint mixed in our fav SW gray
and rolled on some fun, wide stripes.

I put a little dot of tape in the stripes that don't get painted just in case I get off task. It happens. Blame it on paint fumes if it does.

Pull off the tape after two coats of gray and it is the cutes striped floor ever.

CG was surprised when she came home and loves it!!!
So far it is holding up perfectly!!

And to make the room even cheerier and fun I painted the ceiling College Girl's favorite soft yellow. I had the paint left over from the stripes in her bedroom so I figured why not?!
Fresh and clean looking! Finally!

UPDATE!!! I first posted this in October of 2013 and here we are in May of 2015 and the floor has held up perfectly. College Girl even spilled finger nail polish on it once (that I know of) and it didn't bubble or ruin the paint job!! Go for it - just do the prep!! I think that's the key!


  1. What a creative idea to paint it! I would have never thought of that. Looks a thousand times better:) I went with white grout for between the tiles in our downstairs bathroom..ugh, so wishing I hadn't:(

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