Friday, July 13, 2012

One Cool Stool

It's "dorm decor" time in all the stores and it's time for another move for College Girl. This will be the 4th place she has lived in 3 years at college. She's learning to travel light and is a great packer!! This year she will be living in the Chi Omega Sorority House so she is downsizing a bit from last year's private room and bath in a house to a shared space. She is trying to reuse and repurpose - she is her Mother's daughter on this one!! She had one of these little cube stools from freshman year. It was black but I forgot to take a before pic. Here are the ones at Target.

They are everywhere and have a removable top for a small bit of storage and are covered in a strange brushed velour type fabric. All of them. I do not know why. But they are remarkably sturdy which is good. College Girl has to have hers so she can get in her bed when it is raised. They raise them as high as they can so they can store a lot of stuff under the bed. We are talking two sorority girls in a room with itty bitty closets. Creative storage is the name of the game. It works but when you are short like CG and you raise your bed then you need a boost to get in it!!

The girls chose coral and turquoise for their room colors and the black, velour-y stool wasn't going to cut it. I was dashing down the aisle at a discount store a week or two ago and spied this gorgeous coral fabric in a pile of remnatnts. $2.00 a yard. Score.

The "Grands" ( as College Girl calls my parents) were visiting last week and we pulled out the stool, the fabulous fabric and a heavy duty staple gun and CG, my mom and I went to work. An hour later we had this adorable stool all finished.

It's so stinking cute I'm trying to figure out where I can use one in my house.  
If you are searching an upscale looking ottoman for about $20.00 then this is the ticket!!

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  1. It's even cuter in "person". It was fun figuring out how to cover the stool as we're not upholsterers but it was fun doing it. It looks very cute in College Girl's room. Dott