Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Globally Inspired

I love globes.

It's probably related to my desire to travel anywhere.
Really. Anywhere.
I've mentioned my wanderlust before.
I'm not picky.
Let's just go!

The picture below makes me feel like I need to
kick my globe display up a notch.
Ya think?

Want to see more?
Well, it will take a bit of the adventurer/wanderlust spirit to follow this path.

I start every.single.Saturday morning with Emily A. Clarks' "The Saturday Six."

This past Saturday "Number 6" sent me to this article about a beautiful home in Atlanta.
The article is amazing as is the homeowner,
who is a bit of a "hometown hero" in the design world.
You can check the article out on this fabulous blog, Cote de Texas.
From that blog you can probably track down the original source for all the pictures.

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