Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project ~ Week 6

"Running the last man home..."
That should be the title of my reveal! I'm last.
 My daughter ran Cross Country in high school. When a teammate was late coming in because he/she was injured or sick or had fallen and lost their spot in the pack the first one or two teammates who had crossed the finish line early would run back and run in beside the struggling runner offering encouragement the whole time. The first time I saw this I almost cried. Not every team did this. They were doing this after a hard, fast 5K they had already run. It was so kind and they were teenagers in that stage that so many older people label as thoughtless and self absorbed. Mollie's team won most of their meets and championships so these were runners who had just set records going back to run the last guy home.
So I hope you will come to the back of the ORC pack (so many great rooms already posted) and hang with me in last place :)

I'm happy to have this room completed and I thank Linda of Calling It Home blog
for sponsoring this motivating experience. 
Whenever I cross the Finish Line!

Now enough sports metaphors - let's look/talk decor!

This was my "Half the Time" ORC. 
I was in and out of town during this challenge and busy working on a #secretproject as well.
(Please be sure to read about my #secretproject!!)

Let's see how I did!

Here is my Olio Board from the beginning of the process.
You can see the "befores" of the room here and here.

I think I stayed pretty true to the vision with a few fun additions 
that I squeezed in after I finally got the ball rolling around here!

The bamboo chair and its wine colored cushion was behind the color shift in this room.

The other motivator was to put the finishing layers and touches on this room that was improved greatly in the first ORC I ever did but I never went back 
and really pulled it all together.
So, no more chit chat. 
Here is where we ended up with a couple of weeks work time 


And, come on in... 

(Hey, look, it's my reveal photo and I forgot to go back and put on the outlet cover !!)

Small disclaimer: I finally finished but it was pouring rain. Not a good photo shoot day.
These are all iphone pics. You gotta do what you gotta do!


  1. OK. This was absolutely WORTH THE WAIT! Who wouldn't want to stay in this room? I had to stop myself from drooling over that gold bamboo frame wall. The green dresser is fab. What a gorgeous space! Love. It. All. You have a gift for pulling spaces together!

    1. Thank you so, so much!! Whew! And you, too, can havea gold bamboo frame wall. The frames were all from GW and unified with my favorite gold spraypaint. The art was either printed from free Google images, painted by me (quickly) or collected on trips I have taken. Very inexpensive but I love the collected over time look. I'm sure I'll add some more as GW offers up bamboo frames!

  2. what a fun, colorful, eclectic space! i love the daybed pillow mix!

    1. Thank you. I probably need a pillow intervention :)

  3. So many things I love about this room ! The daybed and pillows are gorgeous - love your work :)

    1. Tank you Diane! I can't get stopped on the pillow thing! I love fabric too much and can go a bit overboard buying fabric for pillows!

  4. This came together beautifully! I love the color combination so much. The pillows are perfection!

    1. Thank you so much Stacey. I do have a bit of a pillow problem - I just love them. Choosing fabrics is my favorite!