Monday, April 1, 2019

Library Refresh!

 I'm supposed to be gearing up for my EIGHTH One Room Challenge 
but I took a little time to refresh a previous ORC over the weekend. 
The Black Is Back Library got a shot of color 
and an amazing (in more than one way) new rug.
More on that in a minute - you're going to want to hear this one!

I posted these two pics on my Instagram last week saying that I was realllly thinking about painting the two comfy wicker chairs in the room. 

I chose a soft turquoise blue, Watery by Sherwin Williams, and we all love it!

Cooper approved!

  (I guess it's pretty obvious that I need to find one more globe on one of my thrifting outings!)

This large cabinet is on the wall opposite the chairs. 

I just moved it from our family room and got rid of two open bookshelves 
and a bench in front of them. You can see that library layout here.

We found the cabinet in a thrift store almost 25 years ago.
 It came from an old school library. 
It still has library information pasted on the inside of the shelves.

Now for the rug. 
I love the look of a zebra rug (faux, always faux!)

I found this Ethan Allen Rug brand new in it's original packaging at a thrift store. 
I had already bought quite a few items and was headed out of the store when I saw the stack of Ethan Allen bags and a sign that said "new Zebra Rugs $50.00."

I was hesitating... One had been partially pulled out of its wrapper. 
It looked nice but did I need a rug that was predominately white (I know us!)
 even for $50.00?
And then the salesgirl said. "It's 50% off!!" 
Sold. I'm willing to risk it for $25.00.
Then when I walked over to pay she told me a store going out of business had donated a truckload of items and brought a price sheet to help them price items if they wanted. 
She told me the rug originally retailed for $2000.00.
Seriously?? I was doubtful but guess what??
I looked it up and it was originally OVER $2000.00!! $2529.00!

It is no longer available but there are quite  few listings for it on resale sights!!

I think this may be my greatest thrifting deal so far!

(They were folded so the wrinkle is still relaxing a bit)

Be sure to follow along for the next few weeks here and on my Instagram
 as I work on my 8th One Room Challenge.


  1. The chairs look fantastic in their new color -- love how they bring out your collection of globes. But, I am really jelly about that rug!

    1. Thank you so much!! The globes just migrated to the library from the kitchen so the chair color is a nice addition.