Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pixie Sticks ? Stix?

Pixie Sticks or Stix?? I'm not sure but these are really big ones!! I used these with the glitter, craft foam hearts glued to the end as part of a dessert table display for a volunteer meeting a few days before Valentine's Day. I simply hot glued the hearts to the end of a giant Pixie Stix and put them in a large glass vase from Ikea. After the meeting was over they were just hanging around ... we are having a fundraiser this weekend with a Bake/Dessert Sale as part of the fun. I decided that I'd add some ribbon, curling ribbon and torn fabric strips to make them irresistible to the younger shoppers and put them in the Goodie Sale  (this is my usual MO of trying to dazzle with packaging and presentation and hopefully keep anyone from realizing that I didn't actually BAKE!!). After making the hearts I got to thinking that these could be made for all kinds of events. The giant Pixie Stix are inexpensive (about 50 cents each if I buy them separately at the party store or less if I buy a box at Costco or BJ's) and the craft foam shapes cost just pennies. Add some odds and ends of ribbon that are hanging around and you have a cute bake sale item , gift for children in a class or party favor. 
I made some with Shamrocks on the end and dug out some Easter Foam shapes to make some for Easter celebrations as well. Stars on the end, tulle ribbon and glittery curling ribbon would make excellent magic wand party favors... the possibilities are endless! 
I'll let you know how they go over:)


  1. I was at the preschool conference on March 4-5 and I must say you were my favorite. You have so many ideas that I really want to use in my class. I just wanted to say thank you.

    Dee Dee

  2. Dee Dee, Thank you. I enjoyed this conference soooo much.All of the teachers were so energized and I really had a lot of fun! I'll be posting a lot of the conference ideas!!

  3. So clever. :0 Thanks for sharing your idea on Motivated Monday at BeColorful