Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rock On!!

Last year our Father's Day gift to all the men at church was a little "Our Dad Rocks!" paperweight that the children painted at Art Camp. They were hilarious. Some were pretty accurate - children are so honest. We got a lot of details about the dads and their hair or lack there of- ha!!
We decided that not only do dads rock but "Our Family Rocks!" so we made family portraits at art camp this summer. 
We painted a scrap board and some smooth round rocks. A little skin tone paint and some hair and we were ready for the details.

The teacher used a little Liquid Nails to glue the rocks to the board and then the children, depending on age, used paint or Sharpies to label their families. We put screw eyes and a wire hanger on  the board and we beaded the wire hanger. 
This project really rocked!! 
I made one also because I think my family rocks, too!! 
( sorry - it's so much cuter without the paper strips blocking the names!!)

This was a practically free project- the board was scrap lumber, the rocks were free and if it's a large group one bucket of rocks makes a lot of families or "dad" paperweights. The landscaper near the church donates all the rocks I use all year long but a big bag is only "3 something" at Lowe's or Home Depot. I had the paint, the tube of Liquid nails was a couple of dollars and the beads and wire were hanging around but again very little cost if you had to buy them. This could be done in a classroom for more than 20 students for less than $8.00 if someone  donated scrap lumber. 
These could also be glued to the Dick Blick canvasses and that would be less than 75 cents per child.
So, Rock On!!


  1. hey there!
    thanks SO much for your comments on my blog! its so great to be able to peek at other's lives too! i'm excited to add your blog to my reader so i can keep up with you!

    i LOVE this idea for Father's Day. TOO CUTE! i might just have to create a little rock family someday!

  2. That is genius! I bet every family proudly hung those up. I might have to steal this idea from you and do this with my class this coming school year. :) Perfect!